All want to become Li Jiaqi? Zhang Jike leads the way of bringing goods to heaven in sports

 All want to become Li Jiaqi? Zhang Jike leads the way of bringing goods to heaven in sports

Compared with those headbearers such as Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi, the new sportsmen are naturally cute and new in the industry. If you want to open a talent show for the trainee with live sports, who would you like to pick most?

Marbury showed his skills live.

Topic taking on

Here you are, brother! In April this year, CBA North control manager Marbury shouted in Chinese, and launched his first show of live delivery on an e-commerce platform.

As a sales anchor, Marbury Amway for the audience a number of different basketball products, along with the fans to talk about their basketball career.

Marburys incarnation is anchor with goods.

During more than an hours live broadcast, the old horse always kept a charming sitting posture synchronized with Beijing Master. In front of the camera, Marbury is a little bit Buddhist, unlike the hard-working anchors, who are not as fierce as the lone wolf on the court. Obviously, there is still a lot of room for Lao Ma to make progress in order to become a product anchor.

However, even if the sales are not very good, the audience still want to take this opportunity to listen to the old horse talk about Kobe and Iverson. When he talks about basketball, the messages and gifts on the screen will go up at a speed visible to the naked eye. So it seems that Marbury may be able to use the advantages of basketball industry to attract basketball fans. After the popularity of the studio, are you afraid that you cant sell it?

Strength responsibility

In a team, people who need to make a topic naturally need to be able to sell goods. In this respect, Olympic champion Zhang Jike has infinite potential.

Before that, Zhang Jike appeared in the live room of a short video website to promote local specialties in Hubei. During the live broadcast, he became a professional star with goods.

Zhang Jike, who takes the goods while eating.

In this live broadcast, Zhang Jike officially entered the food industry, and the crayfish, hot and dry noodles, tea and nut snacks were all put on the shelves. Zhang Jike introduced the products, but also the right way, while trying to eat also encouraged the audience to place an order. The most wonderful part of the live broadcast was Han Qiaosheng, a famous mouth of CCTV before Zhang Jike connected. They played a 15 minute limited time PK on the spot, triggering a wave of rush buying.

Zhang Jikes live broadcast is nothing new. A few years ago, he would share his life with the fans in the live broadcast. Now, he has become a cross-border anchor with goods. In this vast field, there is still much to be done.

Literary responsibility

As a day group with goods, sales is of course important. But how to attract consumers to stay in the studio is also worth considering.

In February this year, Bao Chunlai, the world champion of badminton, showed his talent in the live broadcast. At the request of netizens, he sang while playing guitar. His handsome appearance and beautiful singing turned into a large-scale star chasing scene in the live broadcast.

Bao Chunlai plays guitar and sings in the live broadcast.

Of course, the sales strength of Bao Chunlai can not be underestimated. On May 9, Bao Chunlai parachuted on an e-commerce platform, introducing dozens of sporting goods such as sportswear, sneakers and rackets to the audience in front of the camera, setting off a shopping wave for consumers.

Fu Haifeng, who is also the world champion, also participated in the connection, selling goods for his old teammates platform call. According to the statistics of Chinas consumer network, the three-hour live broadcast attracted 1.54 million consumers to watch and place orders, with the cumulative sales exceeding 1 million yuan.

In fact, in addition to the above three sportsmen, Chen Yibing, pan Xiaoting, Yi Jianlian, former international Xu Liang and others have also joined the tide of live delivery. Some of them are for helping public welfare activities, and some are for endorsing some products. Although some anchor sales are bleak, with the high popularity of sports stars, they will attract a large number of melon eaters to watch online.

Imagine, if more sports tycoons join in the live delivery in the future, Li Jiaqi will also face the pressure of cross-border, right?

Source: responsible editor of China News: Lu Ting, ns5242