U.S. stocks closed Thursday all way high tech stocks continued to rise LYFT rose 21percent

 U.S. stocks closed Thursday all way high tech stocks continued to rise LYFT rose 21percent

In Thursday trading in the US stock market, most of the leading technology stocks rose, with Apples share price rising 1.03% to $303.74; alphabet, the parent company of Google, rising 1.87% to $1372.56; Amazon, up 0.70% to $2367.61; Microsoft, up 0.58% to $183.60; Facebook, up 1.34% to $211.26; Oracle, up 52.60, IBM was up 1.43%, IBM was down 0.26% to $121.23, Netflix was up 0.52% to $436.53, Tesla was down 0.32% to $780.04, Uber was up 11.18% and LYFT was up 21.67%.

Most of the leading chips in US stocks rose, while Intel closed higher fifty-nine point one seven Dollar, down 0.02% ; NVIDIA closed three hundred and four point eight seven Dollar, up 2.38% ; Texas Instruments closed one hundred and thirteen point six five Dollar, up 1.09% ; botom closed two hundred and sixty-seven point seven five Dollar, up 1.35% ; Qualcomm closed seventy-eight point eight three Dollar, down 0.05% ; amd closed fifty-one point nine five Dollar, down 0.40% ; Meguiar technology rose 1.11% ; Applied Materials Company growth 1.49% u3002

Chinese stocks listed in the U.S. ended mixed, with Netease closing at $347.32, up 1.56%; Alibaba closing at $196.49, up 0.68%; JD closing at $44.76, up 3.37%; Baidu closing at $98.18, up 1.13%; pinduoduo closing at $50.05, up 1.73%; bilibilibili closing at $28.65, up 2.39%; tal closing at $53.19, up Iqiyi rose 2.90%; iqiyi closed at $16.82, down 0.83%; learn from who, up 4.82%; Weibo, up 2.53%; Sina, down 0.30%; Sohu, up 4.83%; Sogou, up 1.76%; Ctrip, up 2.27%; 51job, up 1.84%; Auto home, up 0.24%; Yulai, up 0.28%.

The NASDAQ rebound was largely driven by the sharp rise in the stock prices of technology giants such as Facebook, Amazon, apple, Netflix and alphabet. Their shares rose in the first quarter, at least 15.8% And optimistic about the business prospects in 2020. Microsoft, another technology bellwether, is up more than 16% this year and in the first quarter.

While we are all becoming more dependent on products and services provided by technology giants such as Facebook during the pandemic, they may be more able to evade government regulation, said investment strategists at market research. They have a good balance sheet and generate a lot of cash flow.

As a leading indicator, the stock market tells you that certain conditions in the US economy are not as severe as you see in the media, said Tom Wright, head of equities at securities companies

States such as California and New York have announced plans to gradually restore their economies. Other states, including Georgia, have allowed unnecessary businesses to resume operations. (Liu Chun)

Mask: too many smart people look down on manufacturing industry to engage in financial law. They thought it would be yellow to go public because of the epidemic. Lei Jun: Jinshan cloud boosts the confidence of Chinas stock market, which is related to the opening of cinemas! The State Council just released this important document. Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of Netease Technology Report_ NBJ11279