There are more than 4.6 million new crown confirmed cases and 310180 deaths in the world

 There are more than 4.6 million new crown confirmed cases and 310180 deaths in the world

The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in the United States was 1463350 cases and 88447 cases died at 16:32 on 16 July, according to Johns Hopkins University.

A sharp rebound in new crown infections after the restart of three states in the United States arouses the governments vigilance

According to Yahoo News, a recent cross department response document from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security shows that three U.S. states have seen a sharp rebound in new crown infections since the restart of some local industries on May 11, including palm beach in southern Florida, San Bernardino in Southern California and Marshall in Alabama, which have become new hot spots of the epidemic u3002 According to the document, since the restart of barber shop, manicure salon, hotel and other industries in Florida on May 11, the weekly growth rate of new crown cases in Palm Beach has reached 71%; 782 new cases were reported in San Bernardino, Southern California in the latest week, double the previous week; there are several meat processing enterprises in Marshall area of Alabama, 217 new crown cases were confirmed in this week after the restart, five times higher than the previous week u3002

Antibody test reports indicate that the new coronavirus may have appeared in the United States last December

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in two residents in snohoy County in Washington state in December, and was tested positive for antibodies against the new crown virus, according to the Seattle times. This result shows that the new coronavirus may appear in the United States earlier than expected.

The report said one of the residents of the county had symptoms of dry cough, fever and physical pain shortly after Christmas last year, which improved after seeing a doctor. No novel coronavirus pneumonia and suspected cases were reported in the US. According to the report, the patient recently learned from his family doctor that blood tests showed positive antibodies to the new coronavirus.

Italian Prime Minister kondt: part of the opening of the border is to revive tourism

On the evening of the 16th local time, Italian Prime Minister Jean Claude Conte held a press conference to introduce the deregulation measures implemented since the 18th. He said the data were encouraging, but there were foreseeable risks to deregulation. If the outbreak rebounds, closure measures may be taken again. Some of the border opening measures are aimed at revitalizing tourism.

Spains prime minister Sanchez again asked for a one month extension of the alert

3450 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia were confirmed in the UK, 240161 cases.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed on the UK was 3450 new cases, and 240161 cases were accumulated on the 16 day of the British government website at 15 p.m. A total of 34466 cases died.