Ai Ai land in Shenzhen: sex and love in silicone doll experience Museum

 Ai Ai land in Shenzhen: sex and love in silicone doll experience Museum

Guard Carmo, pull Pei and pounce on Dang. Tanakamo, please. Hatekaye, Kaya, pounce.

This is Li Bos wechat signature, the short mantra of chongdifu.

Aiela is the first large-scale rental sex experience hall in China. Since its opening in September 2018, thousands of customers have come to relax.

Li Bo, the boss of love and joy.

The day I went to the shop, the reception hall was filled with smoke, the teapot was sizzling, and there were two acquaintances sitting at the tea table.

These people are all my friends now. If you have nothing to do, you can gather here to drink tea, smoke and chat. As Libo fiddled with the tea set, he introduced me to Haida and Xige.

In the reception hall, Li Bo served tea to the guests.

When he was just about to be a silicone doll experience store, the businessmen in Li Bos circle of friends were not optimistic about him.

But now a year and a half has passed. In this process, Li Bo has too many stories to tell, ranging from making decoration by himself with a hammer or nail, to using a cup of tea or a cigarette in the reception hall to untie the hearts of customers.

Happy land

Li Bo is from Enshi, Hubei Province. He said that his grandfather was a witch doctor, nicknamed eight carpenters, because he followed eight witch doctor masters and was a carpenter. We need to ask the wizard to see if we can build a house, name a house, or commit a disease. He cant cure others for nothing. There is a rule that we should go and go , even if its a piece of sugar.

But once there was a patient who was so poor that there was nothing at home. My grandma was so poor when she saw him. She took out a piece of moon cake from the closet, took out the door and handed it to the family. The family took it into the house again, and my grandfather took a bite, which was a cause and effect.

His father, however, was a third grade elementary school educated man who has been a public servant for a lifetime, and now he is retired. Li Bo attributed the improvement of the living standard of his family to a large extent to his fathers diligence and thrift. A family of nine people, firewood stove big pot, ate many years of potatoes and corn, saved money, his father took to buy land.

When we built the first house, my brother and I walked 15 kilometers every day to carry wood. After half a year, our shoulders were covered with calluses. As my father said, adding a brick today and a tile tomorrow is the reason for planting; sooner or later, there will be a foothold, which is the fruit.

The last two generations believed in the theory of cause and effect, and the style of hard work, and Li Bo is no exception. At the age of 13, he went to work in Fujian Province and entered the black heart shoes factory. Every day, he worked on the assembly line day and night. After work, 12 workers were living in a small dormitory. How stingy is the boss? On the 5th floor of the whole dormitory building, the underground water pipe is turned off, only a little water is left for flushing the urinal, and the urinal is flushed once a day. There are more than 1000 people in the factory. Its one or two oclock in the middle of the night after work. We have to queue up for more than an hour to wash.

Later, he went to Beijing to set up a stall, sell mutton kebabs, open a restaurant, and then came to Shenzhen to sell tofu, open a pizza shop, and act as an intermediary. Finally, he opened this doll shop.

The guests and dolls in the love and love Experience Hall.

Dong - Dong - Dong - the steel ladder was knocked out of rhythm by the steps. Li Bo stopped talking, got up and walked up quickly, skillfully drew out a cigarette, and waited at the entrance of the stairs to hand it to brother Han.

Brother Han, who was silent when he came here, was in a much happier mood. He whistled softly and went downstairs. After Li Bos cigarette, brother Han sat on the sofa in the living room, pulled back, raised his legs, and a cluster of flames lit the cigarette.

There are not only dolls, brother Han and his wife and daughter. However, customers like him who are rich and have family dont account for the majority in Libos shop. Most of the customers of Aile come from the surrounding factories. They are single, low-income and taciturn. They always visit Aile in the dead of night, experience it in a hurry and leave in a hurry. Even if Li Bos enthusiasm cant be sustained, they just sit on the sofa, they are smoking, lowering their heads, listening to others talking, nodding sometimes, avoiding all words and eye contact. When everyones conversation reaches a silent point, they will excuse to leave.

Li Bo is very concerned about these inarticulate customers. When he sees them, he will think of himself when he was young. Most of them came out of school early. They had no skills. If they wanted to live, they could only go to one production line, work hard day by day, and struggle on the food and clothing line, leaving them no time for development and love. Over time, their physical and mental state will be strained.

Li Bo can understand this feeling very well. With this in mind, the site of aiela is located near the factory.

The door face of aiela is not big, and the two beauties in bikini on the sign of the light box are faded. Pull open the frosted glass door with no admittance for ladies and minors and walk into the reception hall from the right side of a ceramic tile wall. A rotating staircase with neon lights winding in front of you is the place leading to the happy place.

Go up, there is another way.

The ambiguous light makes the corridor dim. Each room displays different temptations. Visitors walk slowly into one of the rooms and scan the payment code on the wall. In the next hour, they can enjoy the comfort they bought.

A male customer in the store.

There are boundaries to desire business

There are more than 10 silicone doll experience pavilions such as love love love in Shenzhen, which are opened by a northeast colleague alone, accounting for nearly half of them.

First of all, Li Bo, a crab eater, has no second branch yet, but he is calm. In the second half of last year, he set up a team to do research and development. Most of his members are overseas returnees, including a sex therapist. The dolls the team is developing and producing are equipped with advanced technologies not available in the market. The dolls in the shop are also gradually replaced by those developed by Li Bo Product is expected to be fully self-sufficient by the end of June this year; in addition, the possible participation of two venture capital makes Li Bo believe that his entrepreneurial blueprint has just begun.

Li Bo smoking in the corridor on the second floor.

However, the current weakness is an indisputable fact.

At the time when the business was the most popular, aiela could have up to 70 customers a day. The store didnt even have a place for people to stay. When the customers lined up, they played with their mobile phones. Li Bo shuttled among them and kept smoking. He was very busy. This spring, the number of factory employees has shrunk, and many old customers have disappeared. Lao Liu is one of the acquaintances who hasnt met for a long time. Hes in his 50s and has no unit to ask for him. He hasnt come to Shenzhen until now.

In the streets of Shenzhen at the end of April, the bustle is gradually recovering.

Later, he got acquainted with Li Bo, and Lao Liu took up the family routine: his old companion took his grandson in his hometown and worked on the construction site himself. He was tired and tired during the day. When he arrived at night, his physiological needs tickled peoples hearts. Lao Lao le he dared not find it, for fear of being caught and old face will be lost. After coming to love music experience, Lao Liu thought this is the most interesting thing I have ever played.

Later, Liu would play with three or four dolls every time he came, but considering his income, Li Bo would not allow him to come too often.

With a cigarette and a cup of tea, Li Bo untied the hearts of many guests.

At that time, the experience price of love music was 158 yuan, and Li Bo made a change to the old man. The old man was so thin that he was only a skeleton. When he went upstairs, he was trembling. Li Bo followed him and held him. When he went downstairs, he walked in front of him to prevent him from falling. Later, Libo met him in the street, and the old man said hello.

A customer in the store.

But Li Bo is not always responsive to his guests. He met high school students, wearing uniforms on the cat came in, he directly stopped people back. Also rejected, there is a mentally disabled boy - Luo Luo.

Luo Luo, in his 20s, is the youngest son of the owner of mahjong stall in the opposite building of Aile. However, his mental development is still in his early childhood. He often laughs foolishly and talks in a confused way. He didnt know where to find out about men and women, so he went to Li Bos shop twice or three times to ask for dolls. Li Bo never agreed, but also Luo ideological education.. He was worried about the deviation of Luo Luos sexual enlightenment education. He found Luo Luos mother and asked her to keep her son away from his shop, but the other side just smiled and waved and said, its OK. What can he do?

Li Bo is uneasy that he cant be sure. Once Luo Luo experiences sex, what will happen? More importantly, Luo Luo cant be convicted for hurting others..

There is a discarded doll in the shop.

Li Bos worry is not unreasonable. In the single room on one side of the reception hall, there are five or six dolls that have been discarded by customers. Some skeletons have been poked out of their legs, some of their bodies have been cut off by their loins, and some of their chests have been cut by knives. The shop assistant took down their heads and arranged them in a neat row under the sky blue wallpaper.

When dealing with some difficult customers, he has a combination of hard and soft methods. In most cases, soft words and soft words can ease the situation, but in a few cases, Li Bo has chosen hard to deal with.

For a while, two deaf mute came to the store successively. After experiencing it, they all felt uncomfortable. Li Bo was told by typing that he wanted to refund money and asked to find real people for them. Li Bo, who has seen so much of the world, immediately understood that this was a stampede sent by a rip off Gang. Without any timidity, Li Bo drove them away directly.

Discard the head of the silicone doll.

In order to attract customers, aiela often needs to send leaflets. There are hundreds of wechat groups recruiting temporary workers in Li Bos mobile phone, and Mao was once recruited.

A Maos brain is not very good, he cant find a job everywhere, and his body doesnt look very healthy. He will donate blood regularly, in fact, in order to get some nutrition for living. Li Bo once offered to stay with him, but a Mao refused, and still commuted between the Internet bar and the blood donation car.

And sister Yang came to help Li Bo deliver the leaflets. Yang Jie was a college student in her 70s. She used to work in a state-owned enterprise in Shaanxi Province. She was framed by leaders and locked up in a mental hospital. After she came out, she wandered in Shenzhen. She was determined to find another decent job, but she was always cheated by a pheasant school and an intermediary. She often ended up with no next meal. Li Bo wants to contact her family to take her back, but sister Yang is very resistant to the situation at home and doesnt mention it.

In his spare time, Li Bo brushes his cell phone in the shop.

At the beginning of April, Li Bo just opened the door, and sister Yang immediately got into the shop. Li Bo knew that she might have no money.

Elder sister, have you eaten?

Yes, it is.

Is there any money on that?

Well... Miss Yang paused for a moment. Boss Li, I know I still owe you a lot of money, but I will pay you back sooner or later. Do you think I can charge 99 yuan for the phone bill now?

Two days ago, Li Bo saw a temporary job offer, asking for 300 yuan, and immediately thought that sister Yang could go to pick up the job, but he called her two times, but he didnt get through.

I think one day when she is hungry, she will come back to me. Libo looked out of the door and took his last sip of tea.

Every time the customer finishes consuming, the clerk should clean, disinfect and tidy up the doll.

Today, Bruce Lee is the only employee in the store.

Bruce Lee lost his luggage as soon as he arrived in Shenzhen. There was only a mobile phone on his body. Seeing the recruitment information of Li BofA in the temporary group of workers, Bruce Lee found the door. Li Bo took him to dinner first, and noticed that his slippers had already cracked. He went to the labor protection shop to buy a pair of slippers for Bruce Lee while he was eating.

Later, when Li Bo went to Fujian to visit relatives, he thought that Bruce Lee had only one pair of shoes, and his feet would stink after wearing them for a long time, so he brought him a pair of Putian brand goods. Bruce Lee was very sorry to see such good shoes. He took a lot of tea from his hometown back to thank Libo.

The tea in the reception hall was brought by Bruce Lee. He saves 3500 yuan a month and videos his family every night. The dolls in the shop havent played once, which is different from the boys in the factories outside.

Bruce Lee is combing the babys hair.

In Longhua District of Shenzhen, where there are many factories and miscellaneous personnel, aiela will lower the threshold for labor dispatch when the recruitment volume is expanded. There used to be a group of new employees in an electronic factory nearby. They used their work cards to apply for 3000 yuan credit cards. When they lost their credit cards after spending all their money, they thought they didnt have to pay them back and there was no debt. When these workers first came to Shenzhen, the latter came in.

Looking at these waves of boys in the factory coming and going, Li Bo was both sympathetic and worried.

When I was young, I grew old, but now many children have no hope for the future. They earn 3000 yuan, spend 5000 yuan, and have a happy day. They dont have a marriage or a family. They will come to a miserable end in the future. I often advise them to plan early. The sea is good. If I were a woman, I would marry him.

Li Bo is chatting with the guests in the reception hall.

When I pass the exam, I will definitely read it. I dont want to do my own things for the time being. My sister will come out. The sea smiled contentedly, the short sleeve shirt on her body was slightly tightened, and the white happy was printed on her chest.

Suddenly there was a sharp laugh at the door. Following the prestige, it was the two ladies.

They are the makeup artists Li Bo invited from the next salon. One is Caijie, full-bodied, wearing hot pants and short sleeves, holding a large makeup bag. The other is Xiao Lan, her apprentice, who is quiet and comes to watch.

Cant I get a picture of my face? Cant you really get it? Sister Cai confirmed to me again and again before she started to make up for the dolls.

Sister, do you think its easy to make up the doll?

Sister, what do you feel at the first sight of these dolls?

I think its scary. Im a little scared. How do men like this? I dont understand. Why dont you find a real person? u2014u2014Although its better than real people, and I poked hard when I first came here, only that kind of abnormal man can come.

Sister Cai is drawing lipstick for the doll. In addition, only eyelashes and blush are needed.

After seeing off sister CAI and Xiao Lan, I chatted with Li Bo on the topic just now.

Its not unusual for people to have sex if they want to eat. Didnt you find that the fat girl was a little made ? She is a typical girl, living in cartoons, unrealistic. Now girls are looking for Gao Fu Shuai, but where are so many of them?

What do the women in that family think of you?

The opposite is a high-rise house, so most of the Philharmonic rooms have no windows. This is the only room in the shop with a view out of the window.

As soon as the voice came to an end, a male customer, wearing a black mask, crept into the shop. Li Bo immediately got up and changed his smile, and warmly led him to the second floor.

What if there are no inflatable dolls?

Interview with Wu you, photography, Li Zhengde, editor, Jian Xiaojun

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