Why is nucleic acid testing carried out in the whole city? Ten questions and ten answers to centralized testing issued in Wuhan

 Why is nucleic acid testing carried out in the whole city? Ten questions and ten answers to centralized testing issued in Wuhan

2u3001 What are the objects of nucleic acid detection?

A: according to the principle of willing to carry out the inspection as much as possible, the residents who have not carried out the new coronavirus nucleic acid test in the city are included in the scope of this test, and priority is given to the residents who used to live in the epidemic area, the old area and the densely populated area. Testing of children under 6 years of age is not recommended.

In principle, residents who have done nucleic acid testing in the early stage do not need to do it again. Residents who have never done nucleic acid testing are advised to do so in a responsible attitude towards individuals, families and others.

3u3001 Where do residents and friends sample? What documents do you need? How do people with limited mobility sample? What about missing the appointment time?

Residents who are inconvenient to move can contact the community, and the community will arrange personnel to sample at home.

If you miss the scheduled sampling time, you can contact the community and make a new appointment for additional sampling.

4u3001 Is nucleic acid testing free or at your own expense?

A: in principle, the expenses for testing shall be shared by the municipal and district finance according to the proportion of 1:1. Individuals do not have to bear any costs.

5u3001 How to avoid cross infection during sampling?

6u3001 How to ensure the sampling quality?

Answer: in order to ensure the quality of on-site sampling, the community sampling work is generally in the charge of the community health service center (township health center) and the hospital. Professional training is carried out for the sampled personnel, who are proficient in the technology before sampling at each sampling point.

7u3001 How to ensure the accuracy of test results?

A: take various measures to strengthen the sampling site management and laboratory quality control. First, strict access, by the provincial new crown epidemic prevention and control headquarters approved by the qualified professional institutions to carry out testing. Second, the city and district set up technical guidance and quality control working groups to ensure the sample quality and testing quality, and ensure the accuracy and reliability of testing results through on-site guidance, supervision and inspection.

8u3001 How to know the test results?

A: if the test result is positive, the relevant departments will contact the resident for standardized treatment according to the requirements of diagnosis and control. If the resident friend does not receive the relevant notice, the test result is negative.

9u3001 How to protect the privacy of the residents?

A: all nucleic acid screening results are collected and stored in a special system. The system is an independent system with strict login authority. The user access is closely monitored to ensure the personal information security of the inspected residents.

10u3001 How do residents and friends cooperate with nucleic acid detection?

Answer: the novel coronavirus pneumonia test is a very effective measure to prevent and control the new crown pneumonia epidemic. In view of the tight time, heavy tasks and high requirements, during the sampling process, there may be problems such as insufficient staff, general site conditions, long waiting time in line and so on. Please understand and understand. In order to ensure the smooth on-site sampling, please abide by the appointment time, take effective ID card, keep a distance of more than 1 meter, and do a good job in personal protection. If there is any discomfort, please inform the on-site staff in time.

Wuhan Health Committee

May 16, 2020