Sun Pishu, deputy of the National Peoples Congress: the core expectation is to solve the digital anxiety

 Sun Pishu, deputy of the National Peoples Congress: the core expectation is to solve the digital anxiety

Every good bill comes from practice. Looking back to 2019, sun Pishu visited more than 20 provinces and 30 cities, more than 10 ministries and commissions, visited and met hundreds of well-known enterprises, and had in-depth communication with the heads of government and enterprise informatization; from the world Internet Conference to the digital Expo, from the digital China Summit to the world intelligent conference, sun Pishu attended more than 10 world-class summits, and The sparks of the collision thoughts of the industrys top figures contribute to the construction of Digital China.

In the online interview column of financial visit to the two sessions in 2019, the reporter asked sun Pishu, you have participated in the two sessions for many times and brought a lot of meaningful proposals. What is your biggest expectation?

The core expectation is to help the government, enterprises and individuals to solve the digital anxiety through the development of the new Internet, so as to promote the preferential administration, benefit the people, develop the industry and realize the inclusive development. Sun Pishu replied. In the blue ocean cultivation of the new Internet, Inspur has built a new scene and new ecology of the new Internet industry with data as the core through its powerful cloud digital intelligence capabilities, and constantly promoted the landing of the new Internet industry.

Facing the novel coronavirus pneumonia, Sun Pishu led the wave to donate nearly 100 thousand medical and epidemic prevention materials to Huanggang, Hubei. After being approved by Shandong Provincial Office of industry and commerce, the intelligent factory was launched quickly to produce the information products for the state dispatching epidemic prevention server, and the first to put forward technology war epidemic, and to start the cloud end epidemic prevention war, and quickly to Yunnan, Guangxi, More than 50 provinces and cities, including Chongqing, have built epidemic prevention and control command system. In three days, the cloud + War epidemic version was built and launched, and 24 cloud products of science and technology war epidemic such as easy registration and online education were quickly launched to support epidemic prevention and control and help enterprises resume production.

At the national two sessions to be held on May 22, sun Pishu will make suggestions on the topic of new infrastructure construction, focusing on ensuring data security, developing industrial Internet, promoting the construction of smart city, solving the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized micro enterprises, and promoting industrial AI. In his own words, we should always maintain a sense of responsibility and mission, and promote economic and social development through continuous technological innovation and industrial services.

Source: editor in charge of economic network: Zhang Zutao, nt5054