Beckham, Britains most precious man, is bald

 Beckham, Britains most precious man, is bald

In the 2002 World Cup, his Mohawk triggered a Mohawk fever, and adolescent boys all over the world tried to follow suit.

And the classic manly hair style he often combs after 2010, the big back head. With his sexy beard, its the hormone of walking.

I didnt expect that the man who supported a number of hairstyles by his face would have a hot search in middle age because of his sparse hair.

What happened to this man?

Baldness, the English have something to say

Maybe your friend is shouting going bald every day, but if you are careful, there are few people who are really bald.

According to a 2011 survey by TripAdvisor, a Japanese branch of the international travel review website, European countries firmly occupy the top five of the worlds bald map.

The Czech Republic ranks first, with nearly half of men (42.79%) balding; Spain is similar, with 42.6% of men balding. Germany, France and Britain are close behind, almost 40% [1].

Not only the common people, but also the royal family.

Since the queen decided to spend her life with Prince Philip, the fate of Royal baldness has begun: the eldest son, Prince Charles, is bald; the second son, Prince Andrew, is bald; the third son, Edward, is bald.

The fate of baldness does not let go of every Kings man. William, Prince Charless eldest son, is bald; Harry, his second son, is bald. Even now the worlds first baby, Prince George, is only four years old and has a worrying hairline.

The NHS has also set up a special entry for baldness, which kindly tells every balding person: you are not alone on the road to baldness.

When it comes to the curse of baldness, English football stars have to have names.

Beckham, the representative of the commercialization of football, excelled in controlling the ball at his feet in many competitions, but failed to control the hair on his head in the competition named life.

Its hard to believe that his appearance in the street photo in May 2020 was that he could capture the worlds female fans only by his beauty.

There are still some people who actually have their hair planted, even though it looks ok.

As long as there is enough money, baldness cant catch up with me.

He is not alone in his early baldness. George samp, winner of Britains got talent show, born in 1993, is a good post-90s generation. Although his hair was thick when he won the championship in 2008, ten years later, they obviously fell in love with the earth.

Middle aged people face more challenges from gravity.

Jude Law, who starred in Wilde and his lover (1997), had curly light brown hair and ocean green and blue eyes, and did not know how many people were lost.

But if you look at his recent films, youll find that its not just the acting thats getting more and more compelling, but also the hair thats getting more and more receding from the top of the temple. Deep V on the forehead attracts more eyes than anything else.

The NHS estimates that about half of women over 65 have experienced hair loss [4].

If you want to have a beautiful hair, you can choose a wig, Keira said in an interview.

Its hard to imagine that this dark hair might be a wig

Bald head, inevitable fate

Whats the matter with British hair? Is it because of the lack of overlord?

On this issue, water quality theory has become the most popular explanation: Britains water quality is relatively hard, everyone drinks hard water, so British people tend to lose their hair.

However, the British water quality is really just a big pot.

The water quality in Britain is balding, which is a legend that almost every foreign student has heard of

Lets see what hard water is. Hard water refers to water that contains more magnesium, calcium and other elements, while soft water is water that does not contain these large amounts of dissolved minerals.

If you boil the water in a kettle and leave more white scale, the hardness of the water will be higher.

Soft water may sound healthier than hard water, but thats all there is to it. According to the World Health Organization, the degree of hard water has no effect on health, so the hardness reference value of drinking water is not given [5].

By the way, compared with Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Ireland and other countries, Britains water quality, which has been criticized by everyone, is the best [6].

Its OK to drink hard water. Its even less difficult to wash your hair with hard water.

The only bad thing about using hard water is that if you cant wash your hair, it will stick together. If you touch it or it looks like its missing, but its still on our head

In fact, if the problem of water quality can be solved better, the most desperate thing for British men is that they are born bald.

Androgenic alopecia is a polygenic genetic disease, which is closely related to AR gene from mother X chromosome and alopecia gene on chromosome 20 both parents have [16].

The male body also secretes more testosterone androgen, which is converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and stimulates the fragile hair follicle on the scalp, and the hair follicle will start to contract, which means the beginning of baldness [10].

In the case of baldness, Europeans are really better than us. Take the alopecia gene on chromosome 20. One out of every seven Caucasian whites has this variant gene [15].

Compared with Mongolia race, Caucasian race has a higher incidence rate of androgenetic alopecia and a more serious alopecia. [11]. For example, the Japanese began to have androgenic alopecia nearly 10 years later than Caucasians [11].

Think of the handsome Dutch boy who will be bald one day, heartache

So the British male who is not bald should be regarded as the national treasure of Britain.

Is it abandoning healing or changing life against the sky

The British male baldness mentality is really good.

Some psychologists believe that the data may be due to the fact that some British men refuse to admit that they have treated baldness, such as Beckhams mystery of hair transplant, which has not yet been answered.

It not only saves money and heart, but also turns baldness into a kind of identity symbol of fashion and successful people. British men actually turn disadvantages into advantages and become happy baldness boys.

For example, Bruce Willis, who is completely bald, looks more energetic indeed, and more mature, intelligent and temperament in the eyes of women.

Of course, if you are bald for a long time, you will inevitably miss the time when you have hair.

Maybe its a good choice to do wig business in the UK

The courts consideration was that if he was given a driving ban, it would affect some patients with wigs. The consideration of the bald country is really different.

But after all, the wig is still fake, and there is still a risk that it will be exposed as baldness. If you want to really turn the plate against the wind, you have to rely on hair transplantation.

British actor James Nesbitt, who has been nominated for best actor in British TV, spent tens of thousands of pounds on his hair transplant [14]. They also said that after planting the hair twice, I feel that my career has been improved.

Bienesbitt also exaggerates the reality show star Calum best, who has lost his hair since he was in his 20s. He firmly believes that my life is up to me and has had three hair transplants.

Its not just stars who do hair transplants. Statistically, there were about 10000 hair transplants in the UK in 2011, compared with only half in 2006.

The British have sacrificed too much to change their lives against the sky. In terms of money alone, it costs about 1000-3000 pounds to plant a hair. Its not the physical or mental pain of having a hair transplant.

After all, where the hair has been planted, the hair will stay on the top of the head; but where it has not been planted, the hair still has its own ideas.

Its a pity that even if Beckham does have a hair transplant, his arc will never return.

Perhaps the most impressive thing is not Beckhams baldness, but time.

Time is the most powerful reaper.




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