Dismembering the murderer of Chinese students on parole

 Dismembering the murderer of Chinese students on parole

In a novel coronavirus pneumonia report released in May 11th, the newspaper claimed that the killer named LukaMagnotta could be released early on parole because of the new crown pneumonia epidemic spread to his prison.

But the newspaper did not give any evidence, saying only that someone in Canada is calling for more space for prisoners to be released to avoid the spread of the epidemic in prison as it spreads.

Then, the news was forwarded by some Taiwan independence three stream media, and attracted the attention of some mainland netizens. Its strange that these Taiwan independence media, which ignore the opposition of the World Health Organization and scientists all over the world and insist on calling the new coronavirus Wuhan virus, deliberately highlighted the identity of the injured international students from Wuhan in their titles, for whatever purpose.

However, two gossip media, the Toronto Sun and TMZ news in the United States, later learned through interviews with the Correctional Service of Canada that the killer, who was sentenced to life imprisonment, would not be released on parole due to the current epidemic. The government agency, which is responsible for all prison affairs in Canada, also said only those who have not committed serious crimes will be released on parole in advance because of the epidemic.

The media also revealed that under Canadian law, the 51 year old was only likely to be released on parole by 2034.