More than six months after the divorce, the ex-wife gave birth to another mans baby and claimed for mental loss

 More than six months after the divorce, the ex-wife gave birth to another mans baby and claimed for mental loss

At the trial stage of the court, Xiaodie told the truth that the child was born by her and her friend Zhang Mou, and presented the birth certificate of the child in court. The father column of the birth certificate was registered as Zhang Mou. Zhang also appeared in court to state that he had had multiple relationships with Xiaodie and that the child was born by two people.

After the trial, the court held that Arong had no evidence to prove that he had a parent-child relationship with the child, so the court rejected Arongs claim.

At the beginning of 2020, he filed a lawsuit to the peoples Court of Shangcheng District of Hangzhou City, asking Xiaodie to pay more than 100000 yuan for the relief of mental injury.

After the trial of the case, Xiaodie replied that she and Arong had a long-term relationship and suffered in the unfortunate marriage life. In the great mental pain, she had a relationship with Zhang after being drunk, which resulted in pregnancy and gave birth to a child based on the desire of motherhood.

Xiaodie believes that when she was pregnant, she and Arong had broken up and separated, and the marriage relationship between the two sides survived. And a Rong has been suing for more than a year since the two sides mediated the divorce, and now claims for mental damage compensation has exceeded the statute of limitations. As a result, she doesnt think she needs to pay for mental damage.

After the trial, the court held that the case was brought by a Rong on the grounds that Xiaodie was pregnant with others during the marriage and gave birth to children after divorce, which caused him mental injury.

According to the facts found out, the fact that Xiaodie is pregnant with others in marriage and has children after divorce is clear. During the period of marriage, the husband and the wife should have fulfilled their loyalty obligation. Xiaodies behavior violated this obligation and caused a lot of mental pressure and pain to Arong, which should be compensated according to law.

At the same time, separation does not mean that the relationship between husband and wife has been completely broken. In the case of not dissolving the marriage relationship, sexual behavior with others leads to pregnancy, which is against family ethics and public order. In view of the fact that ah Rong only learned about Xiaodies birth after his divorce, it is not inappropriate for him to claim compensation for mental damage.

After the judgment of the case, both parties have not appealed and it has come into force.