First, report on these important statements made by President Xi, and inject civilization into the response to global challenges

 First, report on these important statements made by President Xi, and inject civilization into the response to global challenges

President Xis view of civilization

In May 15, 2019, Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the Asia civilizations dialogue conference and delivered keynote speech. Photo by Rao Aimin, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

In recent years, President Xi Jinping has profoundly explained Chinas concept of civilization on many important international occasions, and personally promoted exchanges and exchanges of different civilizations, learning from each other and learning from each other.

President Xis footprints of civilization

I have visited many places in the world, and what attracts me most is different civilizations, such as Samarkand in Central Asia, Luxor Temple in Egypt, Sentosa in Singapore, jade Buddha Temple in Bangkok in Thailand, Acropolis in Athens in Greece, etc. At the opening ceremony of the Asian dialogue of civilizations, President Xi said.

In June 2013, the Mayan civilization site of Chichen Itza in Mexico welcomed Chinese distinguished guests.

The world is rich and colorful, Xi said to the visiting president, only when different civilizations and cultures maintain their own characteristics and live in peace with each other in an open and open manner, can they develop and prosper together.

The two heads of state visited the Luxor Temple along the main road and recalled the long-standing exchanges and mutual learning between China and Egypt. President Xi said: both China and Egypt are ancient civilizations. It is necessary for us to strengthen people to people and cultural exchanges, deepen people to people friendship, consolidate the public opinion basis of bilateral cooperation, and promote common development and prosperity of both sides.

Egypt is full of respect for the great Chinese civilization and full of admiration for the development achievements made by the Chinese people. It is willing to deepen the civilized exchanges between the two countries and always be a sincere development partner of China, President sessi said

In November 2019, during his visit to Greece, President Xi visited the Acropolis Museum in Athens accompanied by President pavlopoulos. The heads of state of the two countries will review history together, learn from the past and look forward to the future.

Prior to the meeting with President pavlopoulos, President Xi said: China and Greece support exchanges and mutual learning of civilizations and oppose the fallacy of clash of civilizations. The two sides should continue to give full play to their respective cultural advantages and work together to build a path of harmonious coexistence among different civilizations and peoples, so as to provide more useful enlightenment for world peace and human progress.

President pavlopoulos said with emotion, in todays uncertain world, China advocates peace, harmony and balance, which provides a very useful reference and plan for solving various global problems.

In Samarkand, the ancient city of Uzbekistan, experience the long history and splendid culture of the Silk Road; in the Czech Strahov library, listen to the director of the library to introduce the collection of Sino Czech communication books; in the villa of nice petrel in France, talk about Confucianism and European Renaissance with President markron President Xis footprints of civilization outline the moving pictures of different civilizations crossing each other, learning from each other and learning from each other, showing the broad mind of Chinese civilization in harmony, diversity, openness and inclusiveness.

The civilized power of fighting epidemic together

Benevolence, good neighborhoods, harmony and ten thousand states are the consistent way of dealing with the world of Chinese civilization. Benefiting the people and benefiting the people, ensuring the people and enriching the people are the distinct value orientation of Chinese civilization. Changing the old and changing the new, and advancing with the times are the eternal spiritual temperament of Chinese civilization. The way of nature and the unity of nature and man are the inherent survival concepts of Chinese civilization.

Adversity, destiny and common, and the power of cultural civilization move and inspire people.

Both the mountains and rivers are different, the wind and the moon are the same as the sky derived from Chinese and Japanese Buddhist allusions, and the green mountains are the same as the clouds and rain, and the moon is not the same as the two villages selected from the farewell poem of Wang Changling, a poet of the Tang Dynasty The cultural and historical ties between China and Japan are closely linked in a special period.

Japan donated Chinas epidemic prevention materials with the words mountains and rivers are different, the wind and the moon are the same day. Pictures from the Internet

On the anti epidemic materials of Chinas assistance to South Korea, there is a famous saying no one is far away from the road, no one is foreign. In July 2014, when President Xi delivered a speech at Seoul National University in South Korea, he referred to Cui Zhiyuan, a Confucian emperor in the East who studied as an official in the Tang Dynasty.

On February 27, in Seoul, South Korea, Xing Haiming (middle), Chinese ambassador to South Korea, and his staff cheered for Daegu. Xinhua News Agency (picture provided by Chinese Embassy in South Korea)

In the aid of French medical supplies, the red seal designed by Chinese seal cutting artists is printed. In the center of the seal, the famous words of Zhou, a scholar of Shu Han in the Three Kingdoms period, one thousand miles is as good as another, and one thousand miles is as strong as gold and stone and the famous words of Hugo, a French literary giant, unisnousvaincrons (unity will surely win) complement each other.

This is the medical supplies provided by the Chinese government to France, which was filmed on March 17 in Shanghai, China. Shen Jizhong

In the emergency donation of anti epidemic materials to Iran, people read the poem of sadi, an ancient Persian poet: Adams descendants are brothers, brothers are like brothers..

Anti epidemic materials donated to Iran by the Chinese government and local Chinese enterprises (picture from the official website of Chinese Embassy in Iran)

In terms of medical supplies for Italy, the famous saying of Seneca, the ancient Roman philosopher, we are the waves of the same sea, the leaves of the same tree, and the flowers of the same garden is very warm.


This is Chinas answer, but also Chinas action.