Her parents divorced and were disabled. After several unsuccessful love, she took this step and reversed her life

 Her parents divorced and were disabled. After several unsuccessful love, she took this step and reversed her life

On the one hand, body is the reason. On the other hand, I think its character!

I belong to a relatively strong type. I feel helpless recently. I dont know what to do. I feel that I shouldnt be wronged. I feel more confident that my life is worthy of praise. What should I do instead of being spiteful or an obstacle to love and marriage?

In addition to the impact of their own original family, mother is divorced, they divorced when I was in primary school, I am a very insecure person!

At present, he is an independent designer in the third tier city, with a stable customer base and income. This time, he really wants to break up and start again. He wants to find someone who loves all of himself. He will care about my daily life and take care of my mood.

Can start a relationship, almost the same will face parents disagree, boyfriend is really willing to accept a physically disabled person for a lifetime, very confused, very afraid and helpless!

Cold love reply:

Im very moved to see your story.

Although you are handicapped, you have an independent personality, live with a prosthesis, and become an independent designer with a stable customer base and income. Its amazing.

I think you are an example for all disabled people.

Next, I will give you an analysis to help you.

I am also infected by your spirit. I am willing to help you.

Everything in our lives can be divided into two parts:

The first part, what we cant change;

The second part, we can try to change things.

First, we can only face all the things we cant change with the same attitude, which is called: accept, allow or even submit.

From a certain point of view, we are all incomplete, no one is perfect.

For example, I had an operation in 2014, and I removed an organ from a part of my body. Is it possible to say that I am also incomplete?

If I say to fate, Im angry, why I got this disease and why Im going to have this operation, it means that I dont accept it.

And when I dont accept it, when I dont allow it, its just me that hurts.

We often say that when we go to the stage of life, we choose a stage and go to a stage.

We are not the creator of the world, the creator of the universe, or the creator of a stage. We can only choose to walk into different stages.

The stage is not built by us. The stage is the objective existence of the world.

Therefore, there is no right person born for you in this world. He will care about your daily life, take care of your emotions, love you all, etc. there is no such person in this world.

Even if there is a right person, he may or may not care about you as much. In fact, this is how our life will be.

On the other hand, its also true for physical disability.

If we cant accept all this, we cant get the final peace and tranquility.

This is that we will eventually mature and submit to fate.

When we accept our birth, we accept our life.

We accept that everything in the world has a probability of happening, which is our fate.

And when you say yes, I allow, I accept to fate, fate will give you its gift again.

The second part, we cant change the stage, what we can change is the plot.

For example, as an independent designer, whether you are looking for a new boyfriend or making up with the original boyfriend, whether the boyfriend is willing to accept you and live with you for a lifetime, this is your new plot.

I know you are afraid, confused and helpless, but a new plot may be someone to accept you.

Maybe this person will not take care of you perfectly in all aspects. We said that such a perfect person does not exist.

But I believe that those who are willing to accept you always exist.

Far from that, on the short video platform, I have seen several girls sharing their life with artificial limbs, some of them are quite popular.

Have you ever tried to record your life and share it?

You can go to these platforms to search the daily life shared by those people, and then try to record your daily life like this. You will find that there are people in the world who are willing to accept and like you.

Maybe you will find someone to accept you and fall in love with you, and a new plot of life will unfold.

Our life must be to accept the things that cant be changed, and try to change, to improve the things that can be changed.

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