Fei Xiang: my mothers dream lover, 59 years old, is still single. His story touched two generations

 Fei Xiang: my mothers dream lover, 59 years old, is still single. His story touched two generations

In 2012, Zhejiang satellite TV launched a program called the voice of China, with Liu Huan, Yu Chengqing, Na Ying and Yang Kun as judges and mentors. In the program, there is a stem, 32 national tour concerts from Yang Kun. As a singer, it is a top honor to be so popular. Therefore, Yang Kun has the capital to show off.

So, at that time, our moms were popular with the following words: his father married me just because he looked like Fei Xiang three times; when Fei Xiang held a concert, all the women who could get out of bed went; Fei Xiang was my dream lover.

Of course, its not uncommon for an artist to be liked because of his good singing and handsome appearance. Now many young singers can do this.

Most importantly, in addition to his beauty and talent, he has a strong character.

Fei Xiang is the first artist in China to embrace AIDS patients openly. He bought flowers and consolation products at his own expense, talked with patients cordially and encouraged them.

Since then, it has changed peoples understanding of AIDS, let people know that AIDS is not a monster.

In 1986, Fei Xiang donated part of his income to the 11th Beijing Asian Games after his national concert tour;

In 1998, a huge flood occurred in the Yangtze River Basin, and Fei Xiang personally donated hundreds of thousands of dollars. At that time, it was a lot of money;

In January 2004, Fei Xiang signed an adoption agreement with Bifengxia panda base to adopt the injured giant panda. Since then, every month, he sent the living expenses to Xiang Xiang by wire transfer.

At the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake donation party, Fei Xiang donated 800000 US dollars, becoming the artist with the largest number of donations in the literary and art circles;

No matter where our ancestry or birthplace is, our blood is all Chinese! We have to share the joys and sorrows of our motherland.

This is just a small part of his philanthropy. As a blue eyed Chinese born in America, he has done everything he can.

The charity wanted to give him a certificate, Fei said

I dont want charity to become a kind of hype. My attitude towards charity is my personal behavior. Its good for each of us to have a love. Dont report these data.

So Fei Xiang refused to get the certificate.

A musician who once worked with Fei Xiang, when facing the media, said: he is really a person who always thinks for others. He is tolerant and magnanimous. I dare not say that he is the best in the world. But up to now, none of my friends and I have contact with can surpass him.

Not only that, singer and host Dai Jun is also his little fan brother. He said that Fei Xiang is a real star. Whether he is singing or dancing, the whole space will be excited by his presence.

Once, after recording the program, Dai Jun gave Fei Xiang an album of his own. Unexpectedly, after Fei Xiang received it, he opened his suitcase and took out his album and said, Ill give you mine as well..

Dai Jun was a little surprised. He said, you really dont need to do this. I just like you very much. I can buy your album. Many people will ask for your disc..

But Fei Xiang said: you can help me to reduce the weight of the box!

His words always make people feel warm, comfortable and comfortable.

However, to everyones surprise, on October 22, 1989, Fei Xiang chose to leave and hold a farewell concert. He decided to find a new self.

No one understood this decision. It was the peak of his career when he was most popular. But on the stage, he said to his fans:

I especially envy musical actors. In addition to scripts and lines, they can also use songs or dances to bring the audience to the emotional limit. Therefore, I am going to find a new direction in life.

He said, Ive given the audience almost everything. I should learn something new..

So Fei Xiang left. He was not lost in glory and applause.

That day, a lot of fans cried and made a banner to beg him not to leave and stay.

But Fei Xiang left and went to New York alone to study musicals. It was a strange field. From a superstar to an apprentice, he had to start all over again. And this study, is several years.

As time goes by, Fei Xiang, who returns home again, is no longer popular. His figure even appears at the opening ceremony of the fourth tier city.

But when someone thought that he was falling in price, Fei Xiang said, I want to sing to every corner of China, but China is too big to go through in my life..

In the program, Cao Kefan asked him: did you worry about coming back when you left to pursue musicals? The audience didnt buy it.

Fei Xiang replied: as long as I havent let the audience down, I believe that as long as I come back, the audience is willing to continue this fate with me.

Looking at the present singing world, who dare to say that I have never let the audience down!

Wu Xiangfei, the lyricist, once commented on Fei Xiangs Micro blog: to be honest, even if he is not an artist, Fei Xiang will still touch many people in his life..

I think, as a singer and actor, this should be the highest evaluation.

And countless, countless touched.

I dont know if its related to ye Qianwen. Fei Xiang is still single and unmarried.

In December 2019, the forerunners notice was first announced in the film the God of the gods Trilogy directed by ulshan, which once again pushed Fei Xiang, who plays King Zhou, to hot search. In addition to the netizens exclamation, if King Zhou is this image, who doesnt want to be Daji!

Then there was the media digging into Fei Xiangs feelings, but nothing.

In his program in Luyu, he had a frank love for ye Qianwen. There was a sweet memory between them, but at that time they were all young and in their 20s, which was also Fei Xiangs first love.

Later, because Fei Xiangs mother didnt like ye Qianwen and preferred Lin Qingxia, she blocked him. It happened that Fei Xiang was a big filial son, so the relationship ended like this.

Since then, Fei Xiang has no new love except for his relationship with Yang Lan. In fact, he is Yang Lans very good friend, confidant and confidant.

So I cant help sighing that the more excellent people are, the more lonely they are.


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