Zheng Weis youth plus drama is reunited with Xu Ziyins Yinghua and emotional drama

 Zheng Weis youth plus drama is reunited with Xu Ziyins Yinghua and emotional drama

Youth has you 2 derivative variety youth plus point play recently updated to issue 8. In this program, Zheng Wei appears as a young and promising prince. Zheng Wei, who seems to be full of heroism, didnt expect to incarnate as smile point making machine. In the program, there is a real emotional play. In the sixth program, Zheng Wei was accidentally arranged by Xie keyin to have a blind date and open the emotional copy. In this program, Zheng Wei partners Zhao Xiaotang to really start the love story. However, the emotional drama of others home is beautiful and romantic, while Zheng Weis emotional drama is very festive, which makes the audience laugh constantly.

Tang Tang Zheng Zheng group laugh CP

A careful audience found that Zheng Wei paid great attention to etiquette in the program. He used honorifics to all actors and kept a certain safe distance to female guests. Zheng Weis gentlemanly hand was also praised by the audience as brother Zheng Wei, indeed Tang Tang Zheng.

The contrast between the front and the back of Zheng Weitai

After sale of conscience praised by netizens

In the program, Zheng Wei s ancient costume modeling is full of heroism. A group of portraits of Zheng Wei s ancient costume on the Internet are evaluated by netizens as too A. Recently, Zheng Wei, dressed as a princess, squatted on the ground to eat a box of funny gags. In contrast, many netizens commented that Zheng Wei is so grounded that he likes such a real actor.. Zheng Wei is also on the road of grounding. Previously, Zheng Wei and Zhou Yutong and Wang youshuo agreed to publish microblogs in order. Unexpectedly, Zheng Wei accidentally delayed and disrupted the order of publishing, attracting netizens to comment on young people who are cut off from the Internet, so cute.

The three leading actors of the Song Dynasty youth chronicle party also attracted the drama fans to call the friendship of qizhai is true, full marks will be given for this after sale . In the next notice, Zheng Wei and Xu Ziyin will appear in the same frame. They played Xue Ying and Xiao Hua in the chronicles of the Song Dynasty. For the fans of the Song Dynasty, this is undoubtedly another welfare.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie