China 5g u00b7 24 national online broadcast: a good life at home

 China 5g u00b7 24 national online broadcast: a good life at home

2020 is the key period for Chinas 5g commercial development. As the basic technology in the current digital economy construction, the accelerated application of 5g will bring new development opportunities for all walks of life. At the same time, 5g network deployment, ecological construction and industrial application will open a new chapter.

Taking the 5g express, peoples lives are changing in silence.

If you dont know?

On May 17, 2020, during the world telecommunication day, a China 5g u00b7 24-hour national online broadcast activity will be launched soon. From 18:30, May 16 to 18:30, May 17, 24-hour continuous broadcast, online witness the rapid development of Chinas 5g, enjoy the good life of the 5g era, let everyone stay at home, can browse the beautiful scenery, open up the horizon of learning, it can be described as a live feast spanning 9.6 million square kilometers of China.

It is understood that this activity will take you to experience the practical changes brought about by 5g in an all-round and real way through five major content blocks. After the slow live broadcast of national cloud supervisor for the construction of Wuhan leishenshan and huoshenshan hospital jointly built by China Telecom and CCTV, and the VR panoramic live broadcast activity of cloud summit and Everest, another Comprehensive National Congress Joint broadcast activity is about to start.

Five key points to share 5g achievements in an all-round way

If the impression of 5g technology is still in the case of downloading a 1g high-definition movie in a few seconds, we must pay more attention to the 5g u00b7 24-hour national online broadcast.

Because here, you can watch the actual application of 5g industry with examples. Together, we will go deep into enterprises, factories, construction sites, business circles, etc., and bring you a real experience of the great changes 5g brings to the industrial Internet, the Internet of things, smart agriculture, smart venues, smart tourism, telemedicine, etc. For example: 5g intelligent Asian Games in Zhejiang, 5g intelligent pig farm in Inner Mongolia, 5g medical treatment in Beijing, etc. will let you feel 5g application at your side.

At the same time, you can also watch the humanities, food, beautiful scenery and so on all over the country through 5G online. We will experience Fujian tea culture together, explore the mother tree of Dahongpaos true appearance; explore Wolong Panda Museum, encounter panda rolling online; follow Liaoning robot, travel through Liaoning ancient culture; punch Chongqing wanghong scenic spot and must eat hotpot shop on cloud, etc. These interesting and fashionable contents will bring you immersive experience.

Of course, if you are interested in star stars, there are also many heavyweight stars, industry stars, online celebrities, etc. in the joint broadcast, incarnate as the anchor, discuss with you the great changes 5g brings to the aviation industry, tourism industry, film and television production industry, e-commerce live broadcasting industry, as well as new opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship. You cant miss the 5g business opportunities.

In addition, in addition to a panoramic view, you can also gain more knowledge and knowledge. In the broadcast, you can share with all the guests to fully understand the business and ability of China Telecom as a 5g leader. For example, the practical application of 5gsa network slice in Shenzhen intelligent police system will bring you a real experience of the new value brought by 5g. 5g cloud network goes to the cloud safely, China Telecom cloud capability helps Haier, FAW Group and other digital transformation cases to vividly show you the beauty of life, cloud knows. It is understood that China Telecom will also officially launch 5g video RBT service, launch 2020 Meiling talent plan, and new 5g entertainment products such as Tianyi cloud game and Tianyi cloud VR will also shine.

Finally, you can also observe the core capabilities of 5g industrial chain partners. For example, Huawei Kunpeng 5g chip helps industrial partners to build a computing power system, and Xiaomi and China Telecom jointly build 5g innovation laboratory and smart factory to fully unlock 5g cutting-edge technology.

As a new generation of information and communication technology, 5g network speed and quality have been improved by leaps and bounds. On June 6, 2019, the Ministry of industry and information technology officially issued 5g commercial license to four major operators such as China Telecom. The development of 5g has entered the fast lane, and all kinds of new applications and businesses have sprung up.

At the same time, on April 20, the national development and Reform Commission defined the connotation and scope of the new infrastructure for the first time, and proposed that the new infrastructure mainly includes information infrastructure (5g, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, data center, etc.), and the new infrastructure with 5g as the starting point will accelerate and consolidate the foundation of Chinas digital economic development.

As Wang Yuan, vice president of Netease and executive director of Hangzhou Research Institute, said in the 5g forum of Netease future conference, the birth of 4G has made the generation and consumption of information no longer depend on people. Information space, human society and physical space constitute an interactive three dimensional space. The arrival of 5g will promote the seamless integration of the three dimensional space for me We expand the business boundary, improve the development quality, and bring more imagination space.

Of course, more imagination space is left for you. I hope you can learn more about 5g through the China 5g u00b7 24 national online broadcast. In the United broadcast, open your arms to welcome the good life under the change of 5g era.