Disney confirmed that Mulan will be released in Taiwan and North America on July 24

 Disney confirmed that Mulan will be released in Taiwan and North America on July 24

Chabeck is optimistic that films will be released in theaters all over the world on time. He believes that audiences have a huge backlog of demand for cinema films: I think this is a good schedule for this particular film. In the face of the restrictions on the number of audiences imposed by American cinemas, he said that he would work with cooperative theatres to deal with the problem.

The real-life version of Hua Mulan is directed by Nicky Carroll and starred by Liu Yifei, Zhen Zidan, an Yousen, Gong Li, Donna, Li Lianjie, Zheng Peipei, etc. the film tells the story of Hua Mulans disguise as a man, her acting fathers joining the army, and her achievements repeatedly. It is reported that Mulan has invested up to 200 million US dollars, which is Disneys largest animation film adaptation so far. Loyalty, courage and truth, Nicky Carroll weakens the protagonists love story in the film, but contributes more scenes to martial arts and war scenes, trying to convey the independent female spirit represented by Hua Mulan.

In March this year, Mulan held a grand global premiere in Los Angeles, with director Nicky Carroll and a number of actors on the red carpet. Since then, affected by the epidemic, the film has cancelled its premiere in London and many publicity activities.

Haw, haw, haw, and Mulan. Mulan Ci, a folk song of Yuefu in the Northern Dynasty, made Hua Mulan, whose surname and native place were not recorded in exact historical records, known to the public, and the story of Hua Mulans acting father joining the army was also adapted into a variety of literary works.

In 1998, Disney put the story of Hua Mulan on the big screen in the form of animated films, and achieved remarkable box office and influence in the world. The image of Hua Mulan is also popular all over the world. The film not only won many awards such as outstanding animation film director, animation film writer and animation effect of the 26th Annie award, but also won many nominations such as the best soundtrack of the 71st Oscar and the best original song of the 56th American Golden Globe Award.