The most comfortable relationship is just three words

 The most comfortable relationship is just three words

The most taboo thing in feelings is to be too demanding.

For example, there is such a kind of lover who shows a strong side in front of you, forces you to change your temper and personality, even your life habits.

In the long run, under the package of tension and oppression, everyone will feel exhausted.

Guo Taos navy officer and Mei Tings capitalist miss have very different living habits.

Indeed, a truly long-term and comfortable relationship will never force the other party to do something they dont like, or over occupy and control, and impose their own ideas on the other party.

But fully respect each others personality and preferences, and treat each other as an independent individual.

As a saying goes: true love is not a shackle under the pretext of love.

02. No grievance

In real life, how many people learn to be brave in their feelings, to carry all the pain alone, and to leave all the sweetness to the one they love.

Pretend to be strong when there is no one to help you.

In tears when no one is sad, learn to smile.

In the infinite bitterness, it is gradually understood that no grievance is the most comfortable mode of a relationship.

Entertainment gossip Queen s just married, in order to please her husband, wronged himself.

Obviously not good at cooking, but because I want to make a curry rice for my husband, Im embarrassed.

When everything was against her, she finally broke down and cried, surrendered and gave up.

Finally, she and her husband went to a restaurant for a curry.

From then on, little s didnt cook. She said, why should I take what Im not good at and how can I get along with myself?

Things happen to stars, may be a little over exaggerated, can be said, the true meaning of feelings is so, never for feelings wronged themselves.

A lot of times, when you are too aggrieved, you will not be cherished as you should, but will face more demands and accusations. You will be betrayed for nothing.

And the most comfortable feeling is to be willing to give one heart to the trust and calm of another heart, so you never have to rely on grievance to complete.

Love and flattery are two concepts. However, many people who are deeply in love are often confused. They think that they are trying their best to love, but actually they are trying to please their other half. They love each other very lowly.

In fact, if a relationship is just maintained by flattery, there will always be a bruised result in the end.

In terms of feelings, the more flattering, the more unfortunate, the lower self-esteem, the more difficult it is to seek perfection.

In the program the man who does housework, Zhu Dan talks about that when she quarrels with Zhou Yiwei, Zhou Yiwei says, Im going to give you a step now. If you dont come down, there wont be such a step later..

Zhu Dan had to climb down the steps to make up again.

Many netizens Tucao, Zhu Dan make complaints about this relationship too much, lost their self-esteem.

Throughout all the people who love each other, there is a steelyard in their hearts, which weighs the relationship between them, and the balance point of the steelyard is the equal opposition between two people.

Like the heroine in Jane Eyre:

I am poor, humble, and not beautiful, but we are all equal when our souls come to God through the grave.

It is true that a comfortable relationship is a symbiosis of two people who love each other. It is more about the equal independence of loving oneself first and then the lover, rather than courting others.

For the best interpretation of feelings, just like a sentence in Rose Island:

The best love is for two people to be a partner, not bound, not entangled, standing side by side, looking at this lonely world together.

True, love is the icing on the cake of life, not the heavy shackles that drag you down.

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