Save Mrs. Heidis letter

 Save Mrs. Heidis letter

Author: Li Daijin Title: zov

Paul is a postman. During this time, he sends letters to Mrs. Heidi, who lives alone in Jeffs alley, every weekend. Originally, it was the postmans duty to deliver letters, but Paul was worried that Mrs. Heidi was the only one in Jeffs Lane who had letters. Whats worse, the lane was too small for the car to drive in. Every time, Paul had to get out of the car and walk and send the letter to Mrs. Hattie. This time, it will take a lot of time.

In spite of his unhappiness, Paul delivered the letter to Mrs. Hattie on time. Every time he sent the letter, Mrs. Heidi was at the entrance of the house looking at the entrance of the lane, waiting for the letter to arrive. Paul found that the letters all came from the same man, James. It can be seen that Mrs. Heidi is very concerned about this Mr. James.

Paul cant help but feel sorry for Mrs. Hattie. She cares about James so much, but he just writes to her. If only he could come to see her! Did she refuse to see James, and he refused to give up, so he had to write to her every week?

Paul was all for Mrs Hatties sake, hoping that she would accept James as soon as possible, so that she would not have to live alone. However, Mrs. Heidi seems to deliberately test him for a while to see if he is patient and sincere. Paul thought, this is really an old lady with a mind.

Of course, in this way, the trouble is not only James, but also Paul, because he has to continue to complete the task of delivering letters. Paul very much hoped that Mrs. Heidi would come to the alley to get the letter, so that he would not have to get out of the car and just hand it to her.

Once, when Paul sent a letter to Mrs. Hattie, he reminded her that he hoped she would come to the alley to get the letter. I didnt expect Mrs. Heidi not only didnt agree, but also said, what? How many more steps will you take? If it had not been for our letters, you would have lost your job!

Paul was not happy to hear that. He thought, I cant help you when I meet an old lady like you!! I hope James will not write to you any more, not just for myself, but mainly for him. A selfish person like you, if he is with you, he will only suffer!

Paul was all for James, hoping that he would not write to Mrs. Hattie any more, but James kept still and wrote to Mrs. Hattie once a week. Paul said in his heart: James, youve been cheated. Mrs. Heidi is trying to embarrass you. Maybe she doesnt have the heart to be with you at all. Shes just making fun of you!

Later, when Paul sent the letter again, when he saw Mrs. Heidis smile, he thought it was a conspiracy. Therefore, when Mrs. Heidi talked to him, he was too lazy to pay attention to her. Paul said in his heart, I dont care about you because you are so selfish and evil!!

Now that James enjoyed it, Paul had to get into trouble and continue to send letters to Mrs. Hattie every week. Paul is much easier to deliver than James. It would take at least half an hour, maybe two, to write a letter, and Paul would only take a few minutes to deliver it to Mrs. Hattie.

But fortunately, James has a good command of time. Letters are always delivered on weekends. On weekends, letters are much less than usual. In this way, Paul will not be in such a hurry. But when he saw Mrs. Hattie, he would still be angry - Mrs. Hattie was still like that. She saw him coming, but she refused to come to get the letter. She had to watch him deliver it.

Three months Half a year A year later, Mrs. Heidi still didnt accept James. James wrote to her as usual. Paul felt unworthy of James, so he decided to come to James and persuade him not to write to Mrs. Hattie again.

One day, when Paul was free, he went to James according to the address in the letter. I didnt expect to find out that there was no James at all. Paul was surprised: there was no such person, but he was the one who wrote to Mrs. Hattie!

The letter was written by James, but I couldnt find out about him. It seems that James also kept a hand!

Paul was puzzled. Jamess letter to Mrs. Hattie was a blank sheet of paper? Is this white paper a special letter that only Mrs. Hattie can understand? Is he playing with Mrs Hattie, too? Did he know I was going to open his letter?

Paul put the white paper back, sealed the envelope carefully and sent it to Mrs. Hattie as usual. I didnt expect Mrs. Heidi to stare at Paul as soon as she received the letter and ask if he had opened it. Paul didnt expect Mrs. Heidi to find that the letter had been opened at a glance. He was so guilty that he had to admit that he was just confused for a while and hoped Mrs. Heidi could forgive him.

I know I get the same letter every weekend, said Mrs. Hattie. You must be surprised to find out the secret and just open it. But you didnt expect that the letter was white because I sent it to myself.

Then Mrs. Hattie told the secret: when she was young, she abandoned her husband and children for a man, but later she was abandoned by that man. When she wanted to go back to her husband and children, she found that her husband had married another woman, and she could not go back, but she always thought about her husband and children. Now, the child grew up, worked and became an excellent postman.

Paul couldnt believe his ears when he heard this.

Mrs. Hattie said with tears in her eyes, Dear Paul, I dont know if you would like to see a mother like me, but Im glad that you are a postman, because then I can write to myself constantly to see you, even if you dont know who I am. Every time I see you coming to my house, I think its my child coming home from work...

Pauls eyes were also wet. He was silent for a long time. Looking at Mrs. Heidi, he said, mother No, Mrs. Hattie, you dont have to write any more. I and I will often come to see you!