Those who betray you have nothing to do with you

 Those who betray you have nothing to do with you

The betrayal of feelings, in a shallow sense, is the result of the incorrect concept of marriage and family. All those who betray their feelings must have problems in their view of marriage and feelings. It has nothing to do with whether there is a problem in the marriage itself, whether the spouse is good enough or not. In the same sentence, those who have a correct view will not divorce or betray.

But from the deeper interview, the emotional betrayal is actually a kind of personality obstacle, which is either personal selfishness or evasion. If you look at the Betrayer objectively, it is not hard to find that most of them are selfish, self-centered, scheming, indifferent, but do not know how to appreciate and cherish; on the other hand, they are used to making trouble, but they are afraid of things, avoiding responsibility. Another interpretation of betrayal is an evasion of emotion and marriage responsibility.

Therefore, a person who betrays his feelings has these characteristics and attributes, which make them constantly create various affairs for themselves in life, of course, they are very sad to be smooth and profitable.

After betraying feelings, if a person cant understand his own problems fundamentally, then he cant really change himself. At most, he just thinks that I cant stop betraying. The deep problems of personality and character are still problems.

There is another problem to be discussed here. If the Betrayer is not divorced, then the betrayal of TA is almost without cost. Thats why in a betrayed marriage, the Betrayer is just like the innocent, even arrogant; but the Betrayer is miserable and suffering -- because the Betrayer is not self serving If you pay the price for your betrayal, of course, you will not really touch TA. Especially after those betrayal feelings, the other side will be more good to you, but more clinging to what you dont give up. TAs psychological suggestion will not awe the betrayal, but encourage its wanton betrayal.

There are only two possibilities for a person not to commit a crime. One is that he does not want to commit a crime by nature, and the other is that he is afraid that he will have to bear the cost after committing a crime. When a person chooses to betray his feelings, it means that the first one is no longer possible. Therefore, to avoid the betrayal of the other party, unless he cant bear the cost of betrayal - this is the reality. Dont expect a person who betrays his feelings to suddenly realize it, and then turn around and become a Buddha.

Then, of course, divorce is also a price, and the price is not cheap. Because of a betrayal, and lost a happy marriage, lost a warm family, this kind of gain and loss, many people have experienced, many people also deeply regret this

In the case of betrayal and divorce, the inner feelings of the Betrayer and the Betrayer are different. As long as they adjust themselves well and work hard enough, there is a great possibility of happiness in the future. However, the Betrayer is often very difficult, because what happened once was caused by themselves. It cant go back to the beginning. Further, its betrayed People are innocent from the beginning to the end, and people who betray their feelings are equivalent to having a stain in their life. When they are young, they certainly dont feel anything, but as they grow older, people will face a lesson, that is, to reconcile with themselves. A person will be calm only when he has a clear conscience in the face of this life.

Having said so much, you may think that this is the direction of persuading people to divorce.

In fact, its just a statement of some practical problems. Its also a hope to remind those who have been betrayed by their feelings not to choose divorce because of the so-called cost.

After the betrayal, many people will have revenge mentality, trying to make the other party pay the price for their betrayal through some things, to realize their mistakes - if they dont live well, this is the price.

Thats why at the beginning of the article, some people will care about this problem, because you want to make the other party aware of their mistakes through the cost.

In fact, this kind of thinking is unnecessary.

Those who divorce because of betrayal and have a good life in the future rarely care about the other partys later life, because, in fact, they are more relieved than to see the other partys life is not good.

On this topic, there are many perspectives to communicate with you:

Second, of course, there are also some people who get divorced because of betrayal. They also have a good life. There are two explanations for this problem. The first one is there is no absoluteness in the world; the second one is that life is not only about marriage and feelings. Maybe the Betrayer is not good in this respect, but other aspects will also be good. But life is a whole, so are those who have been betrayed. The pain and misfortune are only limited to emotional marriage. Dont make the whole life completely bad because of this bad.

Third, someone said that TA betrayed me and forced me to divorce If this is the case, there is no need to worry about the other partys later life. What we should pay attention to and work hard for is ourselves. In short, we have to contend for ourselves.

Or that sentence, if there is no divorce, such a question is totally false; if there is a divorce, how is the other partys life? What does it have to do with himself? Only when we have talked about all the above, can you accept this sentence here.