Guo Qilin exposes the private life of the second generation of the rich, attracting tens of millions of people to watch: indulgence is the biggest scam for young people

 Guo Qilin exposes the private life of the second generation of the rich, attracting tens of millions of people to watch: indulgence is the biggest scam for young people

The program has played more than 69 million times, and netizens have expressed that they seem to see themselves in Guo Qilin, which makes people almost forget his identity as a rich second generation.


Materialistic society

Originally, Guo Qilin made a lot of money in variety shows, TV dramas and crosstalk;

But as the second generation of the rich, Guo Qilin is not a star.

Of course, he is not really poor. He also has a sports car, but the only sports car that can be called his rich second generation identity, is also because the shooting time difference blinds his eyes. He bought it hard to leave no regrets.

In Guo Qilin, we dont see the bad habits of the dandies, the famous brand of the stars, but the simplicity and frugality.

Such a view of consumption is inseparable from his family education as a child.

Before Guo Degang became famous, he was so poor that his family of three was crowded into a small rental house, but he often couldnt even pay the rent.

His road to fame is also very bitter. Once, in order to be the host of a program, the program group asked Guo Degang to set up a glass house on the street to live in for two days and perform for passers-by.

At that time, it was summer. Without fans, Guo Degang was sweating and was surrounded like a clown. Guo Degang persisted for 30 hours and finally collapsed: this is not a human job!

It also became Guo Degangs most unforgettable experience. So his educational philosophy for his children is to be thrifty, because he knows that it is too difficult to earn money and become famous.

Guo Qilin once said that his parents didnt give any pocket money when they were young. They had to rely on the money they got during the Spring Festival to make it through the year.

Therefore, Guo Qilin has developed the habit of thrift since he was a child. Until now, he has become famous and made money. This kind of consumption concept has not been affected and changed.

Wang Leehom also saves money.

Wang Leehom was born in shuxiangmendi, graduated from a famous school, but also has a talent.

In the eyes of outsiders, he is an elegant prince, but in reality, he is very frugal.

He once told himself on the program that he had worn 57 concerts in a performance suit. When he had worn it, he would sew it and continue to wear it.

A suitcase, used for 10 years, cant be used, just reluctantly replaced with a new one.

A dress, 14 years ago, he was still wearing it.

David Tao also on the program, Lee Homs home make complaints about holes, socks, Lee Hom is off the spot to verify the shoes, indeed, the socks on the feet also broke holes.

Like many boys, Leehom Wang loves cars, but he thinks that buying sports cars is like a nouveau riche. So on his 33rd birthday, he bought himself a van as a walking tool.

According to common sense, Wang Lihong and Guo Qilins income, like other stars, can buy luxury houses and drive sports cars with famous brands.

In a materialistic society, its really rare to have the conditions for free consumption, but still be able to maintain such a state.

On the contrary, many young people earn thousands of yuan a month, but spend more than ten thousand yuan a month.

How many people can really control their own life in this society with desires?


Limited ability, boundless desire for the sea

Theres a saying that you dont want to feel light.

People living in the world, how many will have desire, but the more a person learns to control their own desire, the more relaxed he will live.

Desire is the root of human suffering, especially when your ability can not match your excess desire, life is doomed to be a tragedy.

How many young people, with low wages, spend a lot of money on consumption; how many people, clearly do not need, are deceived by the created demand; how many people, clearly do not have capital, but are hoodwinked by the created desire

In this era, everyone is trying their best to cut leeks, and everyone is thinking about how to make you spend more money; they shout Im willing to buy if you cant afford a thousand dollars in the overwhelming advertising and publicity, and they tell you that if you dont buy it, youll lose money.

So you are immersed in the consumerism atmosphere created by businesses and brands, and always feel that you are short of this and that; so you need to buy, cut your hands, eat earth, and have no money.

Finally, I bought a pile of useless things and accumulated ashes at home.

According to the data display:

Huabeis post-90s users account for 40% of the total users, about 80 million. At the same time, credit card users are younger, accounting for nearly 40% of the post-90s and post-00s; users who are less than 30 years old apply for cards, accounting for 66.38%, a total of nearly 40 million.

Live in the present is the creed that many leading consumers pursue.

Thinking that spending money is happiness is the illusion of many young people.

You think the happiness is just the leek cut.

Calm down and think about how many of these things you buy are what you really need, and how many are stimulated needs?

Lead consumption for a while, not money is the crematorium.

If you search the Internet, there will be many people who cant change their debit cards:

Those who are addicted to lust are the horses who chase misfortunes.

In Zhuhai, Chen Mou, a 27 year old paralegal, committed suicide by burning charcoal at home.

Unable to repay her debt, she wanted to find a gym to negotiate a refund, but unexpectedly the gym closed down, so she couldnt handle the refund.

There is a saying that goes like this:

If man can restrain his desires and lead a life without seeking, then he can be regarded as the master of his life and his destiny.

What you need for is created by others to empty your wallet; what you want for happiness is just an illusion.

Only when you are not constrained by desire can you live a good life; only when you are not constrained by greed can you dominate your life.


Indulgence is the biggest scam for young people

If you use consumption and shopping as a way to decompress, you will find how short the pleasure of consumption is.

You need to buy and buy all the time to keep your short-lived happiness.

In the end, you will find that what consumption brings is not happiness, but endless emptiness.

Bernard Shaw said:

There are two tragedies in life. One is that your desire is not satisfied, the other is that your desire is satisfied.

Desire is like sea water. The more you drink, the more thirsty you are.

Wang Hong, Li Xueqin, became angry because of a small video she shot for Wu Yifan. She has 4 million fans. She graduated from Peking University and studied at New York University, but she is a depressive patient.

A few days ago, she went to the hot pot shop to experience the work of a waiter. What surprised her was her master, a 22-year-old rural girl, Beipiao, with a monthly salary of 5000 and 4000 to send home to her parents and siblings.

Such a girl, but every day very happy, because of her smile, she also became the shop to get the most reward waiter.

Li Xueqin said, my master is not greedy. Her goal is very small. She is very happy because she walks step by step..

But Li Xueqin is not. She said, I want everything, I want to be happy, I want to have money, I want to be respected and I want to find someone else. Of course, Im not happy..

People, always want too much, will feel the unfortunate life.

Once you become a slave of desire, you will never be free.

Yang Jiang said:

In this materialistic world, life is really hard. Enjoy it, spend money to have fun, not all buy money haggard? All natural and man-made disasters are beyond prevention.

But on the Internet, there are always some false images of rich per capita, which makes us mistakenly think that the world is like this.

So the vanity man emptied his pocket and led a pseudo delicate life.

In the end, I found that once something happened, I couldnt even take out my savings.

In fact, it is the life of most ordinary people that there are so many bright people who strive to earn money to live.

So, consumption and indulgence are the biggest scam for young people. Learn to delay gratification and restrain desire, so that our money will flow in a long time.


Last words

The biggest difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich always buy assets to make money;

And the poor are always consuming.

In short, the richer the rich buy, the poorer the poor buy.

Spending money is not the top happiness.

Make money.

Its the right way for young people to open up, to control consumption, to learn to invest and to make money.

Self discipline makes you, indulgence destroys you.

At the best age, control your life, or become a slave to desire?

The choice is in your own hands.

Encourage all.