Two members of the Hong Kong assessment Bureau resigned

 Two members of the Hong Kong assessment Bureau resigned

On May 13, Hong Kongs orange news and other media reported that a special page of social platform revealed that there was an online outflow of Facebook Posts suspected of being Yang yingyu, manager of the assessment and Development Department of Hong Kong assessment Bureau, and Lu Jiayao, senior manager. The former published no Japanese invasion of China, no new China? The latter is suspected of violating political neutrality, supporting anti revisionist demonstrations, and publishing Lin Zheng get out! Speech. Orange news said that it found that Yang yingyus social account was suspected of publishing multiple posts with contents such as Qiu Zhong, violation of the basic law and sexual propaganda.

According to the official document, the Hong Kong group parents group petitioned the assessment Bureau on the 16th, strongly condemning Yang yingyu and Lu Jiayao for distorting history, poisoning Hong Kong Youth, accusing them of worshiping Japan and betraying the country, distorting history, overturning right and wrong, and harming Hong Kong.

For two posts that violate the principle of political neutrality, the Hong Kong Education Bureau stressed on the evening of the 13th that it has paid close attention to the reports that the staff of the assessment bureau are suspected of making improper comments on social networking sites. It has sent a letter to ask the assessment bureau to follow up seriously, maintain the credibility and professionalism of the assessment Bureau, and respond to the concerns of the society.

Mr. Ge peifan, a member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, said Monday that if the staff of the assessment Bureau added their political orientation and biased views to the test paper, they would distort the students understanding of the relevant historical facts. She said there should be a mechanism to regulate the qualifications and professional ethics of the assessors. No matter the teachers, the staff of the Evaluation Bureau and the staff of compiling the teaching materials, they should have a complaint and punishment mechanism. Otherwise, they will simply take back the relevant teaching materials in case of any problems, which will only make the problematic teaching materials and test papers appear continuously.

Deng Fei, vice chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of teachers, said the staff of the assessment Bureau were more sensitive than the general educators and the Education Bureau, and the public had higher expectations for their professional integrity. If the people involved really put their personal political views on social accounts, there are widespread concerns.

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