Thank you for meeting me

 Thank you for meeting me

Accompany you through your years, cure you in between the lines

Love is easy because of five senses, get along with is not easy because of three views.

There is no one who missed, and all who will leave are passers-by.

Take good care of your body, do what you like, and treat important people well. Everything you want is on the way.

Company is the best love, can reach all the hard, warm life all the years.

Tolerance once is tolerance, more will become weakness. The premise of a good life is not to aggrieve yourself.

Thank you for meeting me.

Why do feelings fade and let the latecomers live on it?

Everyone is waiting for something, waiting for someone to turn around, waiting for someone to appear, waiting for themselves to let go, waiting for spring to bloom, waiting for lights to come on, if you can wait for what you want, there is no waste of time.

A person is a passer-by, even if he is no better, but he is unwilling to accompany you. A person who has shortcomings, but can tolerate you everywhere, accompany you to the end, is the end.


Each of us, more or less, has had idols. What are idols? Its a role model. Its a person who is the driving force of your progress. TA may be an astronomer, an artist, a doctor, a writer, or an entertainer.

No matter who he is or what his identity is, he will accompany us for a long time in the form of spiritual support. Maybe he will accompany you so far. He will bring you happiness, inspire you to run to your dream firmly and strive to be a better self. This distant person will bring you comfort, accompany you through countless sleepless nights and countless barriers.

So, today, lets talk about your idol in your youth. How is it now? What impact has TA had on you?