Good people, will there really be good returns? Im afraid not!

 Good people, will there really be good returns? Im afraid not!

On the surface, it seems strong, but in fact, I know they are all trying to smile at me.

Because in the bones of our parents, we are always children, and they never want us to worry.

But I have also become a father. I can see that they will not be able to let go of this barrier for a while,

Especially two days ago, I drove my mother to the bank in a small motorcycle to get money,

She was so dazed that she forgot her password. As a son, she could not do anything but feel hurt.

When I went home, I only heard some choking words behind her:

Your father and I have never harmed anyone in our lives, and we have helped many people,

But why did God do this to us in his old age?

Yes, my mother is a kind-hearted and helpful person,

She has always taught me to be a good person.

And not to mention money, even peace, not all good people are safe all their lives.

I think people live, as long as they dont harm others, let their end of the year when they go to sleep on the back of a lifetime with a clear conscience to go well.

As for how good a person is, not many people will remember it, but when they have the ability, they can help others as much as they can.

My mother didnt speak again after ah. Along the way, I also thought of my parents life.

As parents, my parents are really responsible.

When I was a child, my family was very poor. When I was most in need, my father was an old man,

I havent eaten a piece of meat in a month. There is only rice, vegetables and dried radish in the bowl.

But even though they were starving and working hard, they didnt make much money,

Later, when the family got better, my father liked playing mahjong,

In the evening, the house is full of smoke and rough words.

Until one time, my dad came home and saw me playing mahjong with a few friends,

At that time, he went out again without saying a word with a dark face.

But that night, when he got home, he took the mahjong table downstairs and threw it away.

But he restrained his temper and reflected on himself.

He felt that as a father, he didnt lead by example, so he didnt have the right to scold me,

And see only primary school I actually learned to play mahjong, not angry on the spot is not want to let me lose face in front of my classmates.

From that day until now, my father has not touched mahjong, except that he was occasionally arrested for a while when he visited during the Spring Festival.

And my mother, though she would hit me when I made a serious mistake,

But she always pulls me to sit next to me after the fight, patiently uses the way of transposition thinking to explain the truth to me,

To explain why she beat me, it can be said that every time I was convinced that I deserved to be beaten.

They used to work in institutions. After they were laid off, they started businesses together.

My father is knowledgeable and versatile, and my mother is smart and understanding,

So my father is in charge of the outside world and my mother is in charge of the inside.

The business is not very big, but the reputation in the industry is very good,

All the people who do business with them praise their excellent product quality and character.

But they never owe a cent to any partner or worker.

Even if you borrow money, you wont owe the workers half of their wages.

I remember my mother telling me,

And my father often said to me that one cant stand without faith.

Because of the credibility and conscience of my parents, almost all the workers have followed for decades.

And to this day, there are still many old customers who always come back to let my parents go back to their old jobs,

Because the workshops they later cooperated with lacked my parents credibility or the quality of the products could not reach the quality that my parents had made.

My parents have never said a word of no, whether face to face or behind.

Its impossible to say that theres no disrespect for each other. After all, there will always be generation gap.

But they are all able to understand some of the young peoples bad habits and some of the places they dont like,

Go to the food market to buy the freshest seafood and our favorite dishes,

My mother will help wash together, saying that they can do it quickly together. After washing early, we can go to the living room for tea.

Especially in the past few years, Mu Mu takes more than one months vacation every year to go back to his hometown and study at the same time.

Every day, my father would bring out the good tonic that they had been reluctant to eat for a long time to stew for her, or boil fish soup for her.

My mother will prepare a small plate of fruit and bring it to her desk or make her a pot of tea.

In the evening, they are afraid of making noise to study in wood and wood. Instead of watching TV in the living room, they go back to the room and close the door.

Yeah, its just like what I did to me in the college entrance examination. I even passed it.

Moreover, due to auditing, Mu Mu often has to work late at night,

My mother is more distressed than me. She often tells me to stew some soup in the evening and drink some wood when I come back.

My father said that since he promised to take care of the children for you, he would take care of them wholeheartedly. You dont need to send us money. We dont lack it. If you can work hard, we will be safe.

On weekdays, they give up their grandchildrens diet in addition to how expensive they are, and pay special attention to their nutritional balance.

A jin of 200 yuan fish, as long as its fresh enough, can be bought for children without blinking an eye,

But what makes me feel great about them is that my mother knows how to inspire and explore childrens interests.

I found that he likes English. Every day, I look for all kinds of toys on the Internet that can play and let him learn English,

Even patiently accompany him to study together, if you dont understand, call me or Mu Mu..

And my father, as an old man, was always serious and serious in front of me,

He often danced with his children at home, played hide and seek with him, built castles with him, painted with him and taught him calligraphy patiently.

I think its hard for most parents in law and grandparents to give.

They have never done a bad thing, but they have done countless good things.

My mother has silently helped many poor families and helped several workers who could not afford to pay for their childrens college education.

I happened to see one of my aunts kneeling at home and almost thanked my mother. My mother said only one thing: money doesnt matter. Its important to let children go to college first.

Sometimes my mother would do her best to help the poor families or areas to raise money.

I remember when I was a child, I met a woman with a child who said she lost her wallet and had no money to go back home by car.

After a period of time, it was found that this was a new kind of deception using compassion. My father told my mother that people were stupid and cheated.

But my mother said, if its true, at least Im sure. I hope they dont really lose their wallets and go back home.

I remember when I was a kid, when my parents were poor,

Few of my family members care about my parents life, and some even look down on them.

New years family gathering, our family is like a small transparent, everywhere shows how insignificant it is in that atmosphere.

But later, the family was better than most of the relatives, but they often came to borrow money.

Later, my fathers attitude towards some relatives was really more sad than his heart died. He told my mother that she would not save the poor in case of emergency, but my mother was too soft hearted and always secretly helped.

And this is my parents life. I dare not say how much they have contributed to the society,

But at least they are all good people, who can afford their own life and anyone around them.

But nearly 60 years old, they have been good people all their lives, but they still have no choice but to encounter such a life change,

For a time, the saying that good people have good rewards spread through the ages was ridiculous.

But its better to regret or to be unable to think about it, or to complain about the injustice of heaven. Things have already happened and we have to face them.

In a family, there must be someone who is strong first, so that others can be optimistic.

Mom and Dad, things have happened. Adjust your mind. Everything has a chance,

Besides, losing is not terrible. At least you have your son and daughter-in-law,

Youre old. Dont try to carry everything on your own.

Our generation has grown so slowly because of your good protection,

To know that stress is motivation, have you ever met someone who has no stress?

When you started your business with your father, you couldnt give you anything under your grandfathers support,

The pressure of starting a business and raising myself at the same time is today.

But now, its time to give this pressure bar to the young me,

When I returned to Guangzhou the night before yesterday, I thought a lot,

I feel that this times family change is undoubtedly a helplessness,

But from another point of view, its not harvest.

At least, in the past two days, the family has been communicating,

And the cohesion of our family is stronger.

I was very bored yesterday. I talked with you as tree holes in the fans group for a long time,

Thank you for listening to me.

In a family, especially at the beginning, men are the most important middlemen.

There are some unprincipled problems that men should learn to help and enlighten their wives and parents on how to understand each other,

Then through each others advantages, we can release the generation gap between the young and the elders.

For example, many elders despise some behaviors of young people, and young people cant understand some ideas of the older generation, so they should learn to understand each other through communication.

Because this is the ideological difference caused by different times, dont think about who changes who, as long as it is not against the moral words and deeds.

Try to mediate as much as possible to help them understand each others outlook on life and show them their own advantages.

Therefore, some of the advantages in each others eyes, coupled with the stereotype of social customs, feel that they should be.

There are some shortcomings, but subconsciously I think its the other partys bad work, but I forget,

When you look at your son, the advantages are always unconsciously exaggerated, but the disadvantages are always contained in silence.

Today, I talked about a lot of my parents life experience. Its a bit boring. But thank you for seeing here and letting me out.

And the last thing I want to say is:

So, no matter before, now, or in the future, dont be afraid of losing anything. At least you have me and my daughter-in-law.

Ill try my best to find all the things you lost. Before I find them, I dont ask much of you, as long as you always smile.

This time, its God whos been unfair to my parents.

But God miscalculation, our family, will only more frustrated more concerted efforts.