Rainy day: unforgettable, imagine she is right beside me

 Rainy day: unforgettable, imagine she is right beside me



Some people always try to find out whether they are deleted or blacklisted by the other party. I know that I should still be very safe. It just didnt give her a sense of security. I remember in next stop is happiness, Wu Meiyin told yuan and song: the problem with you two is that you only give her a sense of belonging, not a sense of security. Yuan and Song Dynasties thought: security is not the basis of a sense of belonging? Wu Meiyin explained with great emphasis: the sense of belonging is that I am yours, and the sense of security is that you are mine. Then, why are you more confused now. Is it Im yours or youre mine? You can feel it here. The point is, what do you want?



In fact, too many people tell me that she is not my cup of tea. Too many things tell me: should we let go of it? Or, I want to give myself a chance, give her a chance. Its better to have the rain sooner than later. I watched in such a quiet way that lightning flashed past my eyes and there was a loud thunder in my ears. In a rainy night I love parting, in the rain crying to escape. Still deeply in love, I did not forget to see the raindrop imagine her nearby. My people, no rain. But my heart is still not happy. Crying? Thats not my style. Those who are deeply in love seldom forget at will. (Wen / Piaoyu Tong) so, imagine that she is right beside me