People and warm-up lost points 0-2 Guoan was defeated in a row

 People and warm-up lost points 0-2 Guoan was defeated in a row

On Wednesday, Renhe went to Shijiazhuang to play a teaching match with Yongchang, but in the face of four foreign aid opponents, he was defeated by the whole class and the final score. Guoan began training in Renhe and the base located in the West Fifth Ring Road on Tuesday. As foreign aid has not yet returned to the team, Guoan has increased several echelon players to participate in the first-team training.

According to a reporter from the Beijing News, the two teams played a closed teaching match in the base this morning. As no foreign aid returned, both teams fought in all Chinese classes. At the end of the first half, Wang Ziming header in the corner attack, Guoan took the lead, and Zhang Yuning scored in the second half to expand the advantage. At the end of the game, people and new aid Yu Wenhe burst into the forbidden area and were shoved down, but then missed the penalty. The final man lost 2-0. After the game, Wang Bo, the manager and the manager, said that the young players in this game also showed the gap in their ability to focus on and seize the opportunity, and they need to strengthen their exercise in the future.

This is the third teaching match in a week. The team will rest for two days and then warm up with Guoan, TEDA and other Chinese Super teams.

Source: Xu Song, ns1943, editor in charge of Beijing News