Baoji sanitation workers wear heavy duty sanitation companies in summer: 700 summer wear has been issued.

 Baoji sanitation workers wear heavy duty sanitation companies in summer: 700 summer wear has been issued.

The Chinese business newspaper Baoji news July 20th, the Chinese business newspaper reported that Baoji Hi-Tech Park sanitation workers were still wearing heavy work clothes. The head of the high-tech garden sanitation municipal construction management company, Baoji, said that the company immediately held a special meeting to review the matter and immediately issued 700 summer days to the first-line sanitation workers. Install T - shirt and punish the responsible person.

Netizens are considerate of the bitterness of the sanitation workers

After the report, it immediately aroused the hot discussion of the netizens. The leaders of the office must change the position to think. When you enjoy the comfortable environment in the office, will the workers in the front line wear the heavy work clothes and the sanitation workers cant stand it? Netizens sharp sword proposal, everyone should think more about sanitation workers, do not throw garbage at hand, try to reduce their labor.

The responsible person of the sanitation company is punished

In July 20th, Baoji high-tech garden sanitation municipal construction management company organized 8 cars, and 700 summer wear T - shirts were distributed to the sanitation workers in every section of the district. Summer wear is cool and dry, and its not sweating like that. At the same time, the company also has a temperature lowering product. In the section of Chen Cang road geological team, Li Feng, a sanitation worker who led the summer wear, told the China Daily newspaper reporter.

On that day, a person in charge of the company introduced to the reporter and led by the head of the company. Before work in the afternoon of July 20th, the 700 summer wear T - shirts that had just been delivered at 9 a.m. were all distributed to each garden sanitation worker and apologized to the staff of the front line. Although the summer wear T - shirt issued late is due to the limited environmental rectification and rectification of the printing and dyeing enterprises, the main reason for the company executives to follow the poor supervision and responsibility is the main reason, the company decided, the company responsible person withheld half a months performance salary, responsible for the purchase of responsible people to deduct one month performance salary, and review in the company conference. The company office staff from half a day to a line of work every week, adjusted to every Monday day, experience first-line operating environment.

Baoji City Administration Bureau will strengthen supervision

Yesterday afternoon, the City Administration Law Enforcement Bureau of Baoji replied that the City Administration Law Enforcement Bureau also understood the clothes of the sanitation workers in Jintai, Weibin and Chen Cang District. All of the three district sanitation workers had been wearing summer clothes or anti light armor. After the reform of Baojis urban management system, Jintai, Weibin and Chencang sanitation and environmental protection departments have been allocated to the district government management. The Hi-tech Zone sanitation system has always been the operation of the enterprise. In the future, the city administration will further strengthen the guidance and supervision of the environmental sanitation work in the city, ensure the implementation of the policy treatment for the sanitation workers, and ensure the smooth operation of the environmental sanitation system.

Shaanxi Baoji sanitation workers wear thick work and sanitation company in the summer sky: mistake

Its all dog days, and the sanitation workers are still wearing heavy work clothes and working at high temperatures, which makes people feel bad in their hearts. In July 18th, some people reported to the China Business Daily that the Shaanxi Baoji high tech sanitation department was not humanized.