Shaanxi high temperature ferocious, 70 year old man suffering from heatstroke and multiple organ failure

 Shaanxi high temperature ferocious, 70 year old man suffering from heatstroke and multiple organ failure

Most areas of the whole province were cloudy and cloudy. In Guanzhong and southern parts of Shaanxi Province, high temperature weather above 35 degrees centigrade was still maintained, among which Xian and Ankang were more than 37 degrees centigrade. As of 4 p.m. yesterday, the highest temperature in the province appeared in Changan District, reaching 40.2 degrees Celsius, followed by 40.1 degrees in the area of the city.

Monitoring showed that the maximum temperature distribution yesterday was 31-35 degrees in the north of Shaanxi Province, 32-40 degrees in the central part of Guanzhong, 33-39 degrees in the southern part of Shaanxi Province, and 38.6 degrees in Jinghe station, Xian.

It is expected that in the next three days, there are small to medium rain weather in Northern Shaanxi. There are showers or thunderstorms in the western and southern parts of Shaanxi Province. There are high temperature weather at 36-38 centigrade in Xian, Weinan and Ankang parts. The temperature is expected to decrease slightly compared with 20 days: most of Northern Shaanxi is 20-30 degrees, and most of Guanzhong is 24-39 degrees, Hanzhoung and Ankang are 26-37 degrees Celsius, and Shangluo is 25-33 degrees Celsius.

Three days of weather in Xian

Cloudy between 28 degrees centigrade ~39 C today

Tomorrow cloudy between 26 degrees centigrade ~39 degrees centigrade

25 C ~39 C

The hottest in Xian recently

35 degrees centigrade in July 17th

38.9 degrees centigrade in July 18th

39.7 degrees centigrade in July 19th

38.6 degrees centigrade in July 20th

High temperature ferocious

Weinan, the same day 3 other workers in the summer to send medical treatment

Weinan, China Daily reported that the old man was suffering from heatstroke and had already suffered multiple organ failure when he arrived. In July 19th, a 70 year old man died of heatstroke in Linwei district. On the same day, Weinan Central Hospital received 4 cases of heatstroke, aged between 25 and -70 years old, 3 of whom were outdoor workers.

In July 19th, we received 4 cases of heat heatstroke, all of whom were men, and 3 were outdoors, with symptoms of headache and nausea. There was an old man who died in the heat of the house. In July 20th, Xing Yue, a doctor of the emergency department of Weinan Central Hospital, said that a 70 year old man was sent to the hospital at the age of 9 on 19. According to the family members, the old man lived in the rural area of Linwei. There was no air conditioning in the family. The two day high temperature could only blow the fan. On the evening of 19, it was found that the old man was not right and rushed to the hospital.

It is understood that since July 17th, the Weinan Meteorological Observatory has issued high temperature yellow warning and orange warning, and the hot weather will continue for some time. Xing Yue reminds children and the elderly to do a good job of cooling and heatstroke, and to be on the alert for severe heat stroke caused by the dysfunction of body temperature regulation caused by high temperature.

Or stand cool

In recent days, the high temperature weather in Xian has continued, and the City Meteorological Observatory has issued a high temperature warning signal repeatedly to remind the public to take precautions against high temperature. Buses are the main means of transportation for people to travel. Hot weather is a kind of bake test for bus drivers.

At 11 a.m. on July 20th, the reporter took the 311 road bus of the five company of Xian bus and measured it with the portable thermometer. The heat from the engine next to the driver reached 44.5. When the driver sweats in the morning, he says he runs two and a half times a day, and the rest time is about 10 minutes. If there is a traffic jam, there is almost no rest time. Reporters found that people waiting for cars will also choose air-conditioned buses to ride. Even on a bus without air conditioning, there are passengers who do not want to sit in their seats because it is too hot! In order to ensure the normal travel of the citizens, everyone is on the top of the sun, taking the heat and keeping his post. Strong morning said. Zhao Bin reporter of the Chinese business newspaper reporter

High temperature influence

A power outage in such a hot day

The breast milk that has been stored for more than a month is all bad

High temperature days, the public seems to be placed in the oven, so electricity consumption surge, some of the Xian district has taken power restriction measures, anxious owners.

The proprietor makes a rhyme poem for the limited power of the district

Ms. Wei lives in Xian high - tech fifth quarter District, yesterday she said: the district has been blackout from day to day, there is no normal power supply to the present, today is for a moment to stop for a while, the property has not yet been repaired.

According to the owners of the residential area, the district electricity is not connected to the national grid, and the temporary electricity is used. Therefore, the power supply in summer is very affected.

Another owner, Mr. Ho, wrote a poem for this matter:

It is difficult for 800 households to live.

Looking forward to the government to be a master.

Use the electricity at an early date.

Mr. Ho said that more than 800 households were suffering from power failure on high temperature days. Some owners have been trapped in the elevator many times.

Property: it is expected to be able to connect the national grid after a week

The notice on the property of the Chinese business newspaper reporter saw that the notice was entitled emergency power limited notice. It said that the recent high temperature in Xian has resulted in overloading of the power supply equipment in the peak period of the power supply, so the property service center should be based on the weather and the peak hours of the park. District power safety monitoring.

Last night, high new fifth quarter estate on duty personnel told reporters that the residential quarters for three years, has not been connected to the national grid, the use of temporary electricity, this is due to developers left problems. Emergency power restriction is also a helpless move, so it is very urgent for the owners to live in inconvenience. The property is working hard to connect the national grid, the current meter has been in place, information has been submitted to the power supply bureau, is waiting for acceptance, it is expected to take a week, the community can be connected to the national grid.

A summer vacation has a trick

High temperature red early-warning

See how these citizens are doing the summer

The continuous high temperature in Xian has made the city residents Yang sigh and have no courage to go out. At the end of the week, the no house, though avoiding the suns sun, is not happy in the house. The Chinese businessmen have interviewed a number of citizens to see how they cool the summer.

The high temperature is not hiding in the library

Xiao Li, a university student in a university in South Chengnan, is preparing to sprint on the review of the judicial examination. He told the Chinese business newspaper reporter: the provincial drawings are cool, and the learning atmosphere is good. There are many primary and middle school students coming together. I rush in every morning before the heat comes, and I close in the evening.

Yesterday, the Chinese business newspaper reporters came to a library in the city of new city. The reading room was full of people. A junior high school girl who was reading a book said, I am a regular guest here. My parents are too busy to work. When the summer vacation is the hottest, I often go to the library to read and do the homework, and the staff know me.

The landscape has a cool weekend to go to the summer

Ms. Yang, 32 years old, lives in Xian high tech Zone. She told the China Business Daily reporter that the children were in the summer vacation, and the weather was hot. They wanted to take advantage of three families in the mountains and have a summer vacation. Ms. Yang said: hydrophilic can breathe fresh air, and can also camp in camps. Children can go to the mountains and have a look at the scenery, which is good for childrens physical and mental health.

Like Ms. Yang, Xian citizen Xiao Tang said that last summer weekend, one of them spent about 1000 yuan a month in Taiping Forest Park, and the cost may rise this year, but it should have been in the past for a few days.

A supermarket subway station to take a good place for the summer

In contrast to the entrance to the North Gate Station of Xian metro, there is a distinct contrast between the entrance and the outside. In the lobby outside the subway security check card, there are several elderly people sitting on the wall chatting with their stools.

Its too hot for the weather, and some of us will come here to catch the cool, said master Liu, 56, on weekdays. He and his friends in the district will sit and chat in the district corridor after the morning exercises. Recently, the outdoor temperature was high, so we took the subway station at home as a summer resort.

At 11 a.m., reporters saw a small queue at the entrance checkpoint at a supermarket in Dongyi Road, Xian. Aunt Wang told reporters that she went to the morning market to buy vegetables every day.

The weather is so hot that swimming has become the preferred way of cooling for many citizens. Many people think that this is a good way to cool down and keep fit. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw in the four seasons natatorium of Xingjia Star City, Mr. Zhou was carrying a life buoy to swim. Recently, the temperature has soared, and when I am free, I swim with my family. In summer, I still soak in the water and keep fit. The roof of the swimming pool is transparent glass with good light. There are more people in summer vacation, and less people after 2 p.m., just suitable for people who take children to swim after work. Mr. Zhou said.

Net friends also have high trick

The so-called heat prevention and cooling is the most important, in the suggestions given by the netizens, such as the replacement of summer cool bamboo and wood furniture, the proper amount of ice at noon, the water basin in front of the fan, and the warm water bath. In the process of air conditioning, it is necessary to keep the indoor ventilation and open the door window.

However, there are also netizens teasing high temperature:

@ small: if its really hot, then go into the refrigerator, and give you a step post: the first step to open the door of the refrigerator, the second step in the head, the third step, do not close the door!

@ poor and crazy: I look at my weight every day, look at the balance, and look at the mirror. After a circle, the heart is half cold. If you want money and no money, you will have no body left. Still hot, calm down, and see what? Not to work hard to earn money? What are you waiting for, what heat is not hot, what kind of bicycle? Mao Mina Intern Bai Yipeng Song Meiqi

Water intake

On July 20th, at 4 p.m., in the Xian Silk Road International Exhibition Center project, the rebar worker Xu Haidong told reporters that the construction site was suspended for 5 hours every day at noon to allow the workers to rest. Reporters saw that the workmates had prepared a super kettle for themselves, and each kettle could hold two litres of water. A worker said that in addition to heatstroke drugs, almost a few pots a day. Zhao Bin reporter of the Chinese business newspaper reporter

Rub cold

In July 20th, the exit of Xian metro line three, Yan Ping men station, became a shelter for everyone to avoid high temperature. Three citizens sit on the steps of the subway entrance and exit to rest. Huang Lijian reporter of the Chinese business newspaper reporter

Sunshade of tree umbrella

On July 20th, near the Yanta Road Interchange in South Second Ring Road of Xian, a travelling citizen took an umbrella and sheltered the sun in the shade. Huang Lijian reporter of the Chinese business newspaper reporter

Thermometer burst meter

At 3 oclock yesterday afternoon, the highest temperature measurable 50 degree thermometer placed on the railing of the Xian Xiao Zhai flyover was already burst. Huang Lijian reporter of the Chinese business newspaper reporter

Net friend God spit

At noon to eat out, from one air conditioning to another air conditioning distance, I have been hot into a dog just want to roll back to the air conditioning room, obviously my life is my parents, but now the air conditioning is not abandoned, how to get my parents! Stir fry! Swim, swim, boil! Back on the way, fried! Go into the house, go back to the pot! I didnt pick it up because I was afraid of scald. It is said that the microwave ovens of the shopping mall are not sold out now! The hot rice is put on the balcony and hot in two or three minutes. And the heat is even more uniform! This article sources: Chinese business network - Chinese business newspaper responsibility editor: Yang Qiang _NN6027

When I went out for lunch at noon, from an air conditioner to another air conditioner, I had become a dog and just wanted to get back to the air-conditioned room. My life was given to my parents, but now Im not leaving the air conditioner, how can I get my parents!

Lying on the bed, burning the red mat, making a mat, burning the iron plate! After the bed, steamed! Go out a trip, stir fry! Swim a swimming, boiled! Back on the way, fried! Into the house, back to the pot!

I always want to say have the ability to sun the sun.

When I saw a coin on the road, I didnt pick it up for a long time, because I was afraid of scalding.

Now, it is said that the microwave oven in the shopping mall can not be sold now! If you want to put the hot meal directly on the balcony, it will be hot in two or three minutes!