Summer vacation is the third semester? Students spend 5 hours on 1 days in extracurricular classes for 10 hours.

 Summer vacation is the third semester? Students spend 5 hours on 1 days in extracurricular classes for 10 hours.

Data map: students are in a tutorial. Zhang Yun

The extracurricular class is 10 hours for 1 days

- the children are really tired now.

Recently, according to media reports, a Hangzhou mother has reported 11 training classes for her daughter who is going to junior high school, including 3 languages and mathematics. It is not uncommon for many students and parents to call it the third term summer vacation. It also makes summer off campus training once again become the focus of public opinion.

In this regard, China News Network reporter also recently visited some of the training institutions outside Beijing.

There is a building near Tuanjiehu, East Third Ring Road, Beijing. There are all kinds of cram schools, many of which are familiar with large outside school training institutions.

At 8 in the morning, when most of the office workers had not started work, the first session was taught here. Send the child at 8. There are 5 classes a day, until 8:30 in the evening. You can learn five courses in the next semester in 14 days. A staff member of a training organization told reporters.

5 classes a day, 10 hours of teaching, 20 minutes of breaks, lunch and lunch break together for only 50 minutes. This time arrangement, perhaps many adults will feel that can not afford to eat, and students attending the general tutorial, have to attend classes for at least 9 days.

The children are really tired now. A lecturer from an out - of - school training agency told reporters that many of the students she taught chose four to five classes a day, from Saturday to seven days. Whats more, all of them choose one to one teaching. According to the price of 500 yuan per class, one session will be filled with 30 classes, and a single subject will cost 15000 yuan.

At noon, the building became a battlefield for takeaway little brothers. Due to the shorter lunch break, the training agency specially placed a table for students to take out on the side of the reception desk. 20 minutes from noon, the takeaway is already full.

Even the property of the building also smelt business opportunities. Every noon, they would push the box lunch car to sell at the end of the corridor, and students would queue up.

Superclass content is still supplementing

- what are all the various classes taught?

What are they learning under such a tight schedule?

In a training organization, the reporter consulted the curriculum arrangement for students who will be promoted to grade two. Taking math subjects as an example, students should learn factors such as factorization, division, and whole triangles in summer, but all of these can be learned only after the beginning of school.

According to the internal teacher of the organization, this course is called connection class. The teacher does not need to explain the knowledge point in depth. It only needs simple literacy, and the basic exercises can be used. In two hours, we have to talk about the contents of a unit, and think about it. The teacher said.

In order to cope with the examination, the name of the training institution has also been changed. The reporter noticed in a certain institution that there are many names of classes in the curriculum posted outside the school, such as sensitive class, diligent thinking class, innovative class and so on.

A teacher told reporters that different class names correspond to students of different levels and different syllabuses. For students who need the basic knowledge of the study, the students who need the appropriate high school should choose the work class, and when you need to learn some very supersyllabic content, the innovation class is your best choice.

The teacher said, the junior middle school innovation class will also learn some high school knowledge. But the innovation class is not to be able to go. If you want to go to the innovation class , we must take part in our other courses and pass the exam, and the excellent students can send a mail application to the headquarters. The teacher said.

During the break time, many students will come to the convenience store on the first floor of the building to buy food and drink. Leng Haoyang

Cant lose on the starting line.

Nearly half of primary and secondary school students are involved in off campus training.

Intensive class time, super advanced training content, expensive tuition fees... During the summer vacation, the burden of many students has increased. Behind this is the anxiety that parents cant lose at the starting line. For most Chinese parents, Ms. Zhangs ideas are quite representative.

When it comes to the summer vacation, the children cant relax too much. Ms. Zhang told reporters that her children had three classes a day, including physics, chemistry and English. In her opinion, children begin to learn physical chemistry when they start school, and pre warm-up is the first thing to do in summer vacation.

My annual leave is on the childrens summer vacation, and I want to spend more time with him. Ms. Zhang told reporters that when he sent her children in the morning, he returned home to prepare lunch, and took the lunch to school and children at noon, and then went home with the children.

Reporters found that parents waiting here are not in the minority. In order to facilitate parents waiting, a training institution also set up a parent lounge specially. In this lounge, the older parents take up the majority.

One of the older parents told reporters: do not dare to put the children at home, spend some money to learn the children, how much you can learn, at least the summer will not play wild.

According to a report published by the Chinese Institute of education finance of Peking University, the overall participation rate of students in primary and secondary schools is 48.3% (taking part in subject study or training of interest expansion), and the average expenditure of students participating in out of school training is about 5616 yuan.

Data map: Nanjing education, industry and Commerce and other departments constitute a joint inspection team to carry out surprise inspections of off campus training institutions. Nanjing Municipal Education Bureau

Where is the anxiety of the parents newspaper class?

Promoting the balanced exploration of educational resources and exploring diversified evaluation system

How should the outside training institution be located? Why can barbarous growth under strict order? Where is the anxiety of Chinese parents?

Those training institutions show off their training transcripts, advertisements and advertising words, many of which are chicken soup and flicker. The chicken soup is drunk, and it is wrong to flicker to be emerald. This is not acceptable. We should not listen to advice and listen to flicker.

At the two sessions this year, Chen Baosheng, Minister of education, responded to the problem of burden reduction in primary and secondary schools.

In February this year, four departments such as the Ministry of Education issued the notice on effective reduction of extracurricular burdens for primary and secondary school students. According to the notice, there are 6 major categories of problems, such as hidden dangers, incomplete certification and super training.

Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences, told reporters that the training outside the school is still hot. There are three main reasons. First, the traditional concept of man on people, which has been formed in Chinese Society for a long time, still exists, two is the imbalance of high quality education resources, and the three is a highly centralized and unified evaluation system.

High quality educational resources are unbalanced, which will lead to downward pressure. The Ministry of Education issued a document earlier that kindergarten to primary school is also based on this consideration. He said.

In addition, Chu Hui said: a single evaluation system for students is bound to be in contradiction with the students congenital diversity, and the students are forced to learn what they are not interested in, which increases their burden.

In Zhaohui, it seems that if we want to finish the breakthrough, we must work hard. If we can advance the balance of educational resources, make public schools without obvious differences and explore more diversified examination and evaluation system, we can all consider the direction. (finish)

Source: China News Net editor: Yang Qiang _NN6027