Daddy Su Bingtian: strictly speaking, I am no longer an athlete. I thank Xie Zhen ye for Zhang Peimeng.

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 Daddy Su Bingtian: strictly speaking, I am no longer an athlete. I thank Xie Zhen ye for Zhang Peimeng.

In the early morning of July 11, 2018, the son of Chinese flying man Su Bingtian and his wife, Lin Yanfang, was born, and Su Bingtian, who had just picked copper in Switzerland at this time, was returning home on the plane. After three changes, after the plane arrived in Shenzhen, Su Bingtian immediately went to the hospital with the speed of flying, with the nurse to learn the correct posture of holding the child, massage his leg for his wife, and just squatting on the ground to look at his son. Galloping racing arena full of arrogant flying seconds into a gentle and careful super baby daddy.

Today, when Su Bingtian attended the Chevron press conference in Beijing, he talked more about his baby son. Now we have learned to hold children, changing diapers is still learning, it is a little difficult to milk powder, because water temperature is not suitable. The wife will not hold the baby. She is a cesarean section today. When talking about the children, the flying mans father is happy to open the flower. I hope that when the child will run, he will play with him, as to whether it will be on the parent-child program.

For the past few months, it was no doubt sweet and happy for Su Ping Tian. Back in June 20th, Xie Zhenye ran out of 9 seconds 97 in Monterey, France, surpassing Su Bingtians 9 second 99 and Tung Chee Xiangs 9 second 98, becoming the fastest native flying man in Asia. When I heard the news, Su Bingtian was very quiet. I was in Madrid and I knew it after I got off the plane. When I was first broken by Zhang Peimeng, I was very anxious, but I didnt respond to this one. He already had the strength, the responsibility, and the competition I had seen for so many years.

Having experienced countless competitions and record breaking titles, it seems that all those who have already entered the last stage of their career seem to have been disappointed. The wrapper flew at the end of the Madrid race. In June 23rd, he set a record of 9 seconds 97 national records of the Xie earthquake industry three days ago with 9 seconds and 91 seconds, and also the Asian record of 9 seconds 91 of 9 seconds created by Qatar naturalized O Cournot de.

The highlight is still continuing. In the Paris station competition, which was held in June 30th, Su Bingtian ran out of 9 seconds and 91 personal best results and won the third place. This is Su Bingtians second Asian record in 9 days.

The Chinese flying men who have shocked the world owe their success to the change of the coach concept. After changing the coach, I am now infinitely good from the start to sixty meters, and the latter 60-100 can be improved. The potential is in the second half. Last year I thought about retiring and playing the retirement report, in a strict sense I didnt belong to the athletes. I am now a teacher at Jinan University. Now Im on a loan. No matter how you run later, I dont care too much.

In recent years, Chinese dash has made a great progress. Su Bingtian Xie Zhen, the Chinese female flying man Wei Yongli, ran out 10 seconds 99, and created the best achievement of the Asian womens 100 meters in the last 20 years. But all this in Su Bingtians view, the Chinese sprint is still the starting stage. 9 seconds 91 is the stepping stone of the future breakthroughs. There is a goal to be motivated, and there is no passion for the situation. I and Xie Zhen ye should be grateful to Zhang Peimeng. In 10 seconds, I arrived at 9 seconds 99, and we all chased each other to work hard for the next pursuer. Su Bingtian said.

As a fathers Su Bingtian, it is more important to say that family and children are more important. The second half of his career did not want to run such a good result. He started running from 07 years. The coach who has been with him for 11 years has brought up his disciples, no one has ever been able to keep such a good result.

At the moment, Su Bingtian said frankly that he wanted to go back home earlier than the Asian Games. The biggest competitor in the Asian Games is in the view of the flying man, Japan is still not in line, he is very competitive with the planning player al Halti of Xie Zhen, and the Japanese Tong Sheng Xiang can not be underestimated. Speaking of Japanese players, Su Bingtian added, go out and wear the national teams clothes, do not give to the country. Its a shame. Every time I play with a Japanese player, I will. Well.

Now Su Bingtian is planning to retire. He hopes to be a teacher at Jinan University and pass on what he has learned to the next generation. After more than 10 years of drifting out, Su Bingtian will eventually return to his family. He expects to spend the rest of his work with his family, Guangzhou to Zhongshan for an hours drive.

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