A case of asymptomatic infection in Zhejiang Province

 A case of asymptomatic infection in Zhejiang Province

From 0 to 24 oclock on April 20, a case of asymptomatic infection was added (imported from Hubei). No confirmed case was transferred on the same day, and no isolation was removed on the same day. As of 24:00 on April 20, 55 cases of asymptomatic infection (43 of which were imported from abroad) were still under medical observation.

At 0-24 oclock on April 20, there were no newly confirmed local cases. As of 24:00 on April 20, 1218 local confirmed cases were reported, 1217 cases were discharged from hospital, 1 case died, and 99.9% of them were cured.

As of 24:00 on April 20, 1268 confirmed cases were reported, 1251 discharged and 1 died. No suspected cases. A total of 47786 close contacts have been traced in the province, and 275 are under medical observation.

Zhejiang Ningbo Customs seized 490000 unqualified export masks

On April 14, Meishan customs, affiliated to Ningbo customs, inspected a batch of medical surgical masks declared by an enterprise for export to Chile. During the inspection, the on-site customs officers found that there were no brand identification, factory name and address, product quality certificate and other problems in this batch of masks.

Concealing the disease and infecting 3 people 114 quarantined Zhejiang men are transferred for prosecution

Three public security WeChat official account in April 9th, concealing no reports, resulting in more than 100 colleagues and family members being quarantined. The man was transferred for prosecution!

A new case of asymptomatic infection imported from Russia in Zhejiang Province

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in 1 cases was imported at 0-24 hours in April 6th (imported cases of asymptomatic infection were transferred to Russia). No new discharge cases. As of 24:00 on April 6, a total of 47 confirmed imported cases and 14 discharged cases were reported.