Consumer exclamation: sufficient basket and wallet no need to lose weight

 Consumer exclamation: sufficient basket and wallet no need to lose weight

With the steady progress of resumption of work and production in various industries, the supply of pork will continue to recover, and it is unlikely that prices will rise again in the short term. However, considering the strong demand of Chinese people for pork and the long time it takes for pigs to go out of the market from birth, it is expected that the overall pork price in the second quarter will remain at a high level, and then will gradually decline. Fu Yifu said.

Chen Ping, a first-class inspector of the Department of market and information technology of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, said at the press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council that the situation of epidemic prevention and control has improved in the near future, the circulation of agricultural products in China has basically returned to normal, and the price is mainly stable with a drop, among which the weekly average price of pork wholesale in China has dropped for seven consecutive weeks.

The latest data released by the Ministry of Commerce on April 15 showed that from April 6 to April 12, the market price of national edible agricultural products dropped 0.4% compared with the previous week, falling for seven consecutive weeks.

The reporter also paid a visit to the vegetable prices concerned by consumers. The reporter of securities daily visited several Beijing vegetable markets on April 20 and learned that most vegetable prices gradually fell from March to April and kept falling back. A citizen who is buying vegetables told the Securities Daily: when he comes to the market, he can buy more than 100 yuan at will. Now its estimated that 60 yuan is enough for a family of five people to match meat and vegetable every day. The broccoli of this business is very fresh, and its 1 yuan cheaper than last weeks catty. Its a good deal to pay 0.8 yuan for a catty of wax gourd. In some e-commerce platforms, the price of necessities such as fruits and vegetables also fell. For example, a fresh app shows that recently, carrots dropped from 5.9 yuan per Jin to 4.9 yuan per Jin; peppers dropped from 3 yuan per Jin to 2.5 yuan per Jin. In addition, potatoes, broccoli, beans and other vegetables have different degrees of price reduction; there are some dishes, although the price has not been reduced, but the commodity details show buy one free one or buy two free one.

In terms of the trend in the later period, the grain inventory is sufficient, the pig production capacity continues to recover, the poultry production situation improves, the vegetable market volume in the corresponding season increases, and the agricultural product market is expected to continue to maintain overall stability. Chen Ping said.

Liu Lihua, deputy director general of the planting management department of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, said that in the near future, the overall temperature is on the high side, and meteorological conditions are conducive to the early growth of vegetables. This weeks vegetable harvest is 8.75 million tons, an increase of 280000 tons over the previous week. It is estimated that the vegetable harvest in the next month will be more than 34 million tons, which can meet the needs of consumption.

Chen Ping said that in the next step, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas will focus on food and pigs, further focus on agricultural production, strengthen market monitoring and early warning, do a good job in production and marketing docking services, and effectively guarantee the supply of agricultural products.

Source: responsible editor of Securities Daily: Yang qian_nf4425