Why is the ventilator still in urgent need in the world?

 Why is the ventilator still in urgent need in the world?

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is of vital importance to the survival of the new crown pneumonia. Why do you say that? When severe patients with lung failure can not breathe, only the ventilator can replace their own breathing, so that they can get sufficient oxygen supply, and win time for doctors. Its importance is self-evident!

Why do countries all over the world rush to buy ventilator?

The first is shortage, and its serious shortage! Things are rare, so if you dont rob them, you cant either, because theres really no goods!

Previous media reports said that due to the shortage of respirators, Spanish medical staff had to face the problem of the same need for respirators, who should use them? Their choice will directly determine the patients life or death, the degree of shortage can be seen!

Second, the ventilator is the patients second life! When the lung of severe patients is seriously damaged and unable to breathe autonomously, the oxygen content in the body will decrease. At this time, the ventilator must be used to maintain life. The more ventilators there are, the more lives there will be.

In short, ventilator can be divided into non-invasive ventilator and invasive ventilator. The former is mainly used in patients with mild and moderate respiratory failure, and the latter is mainly used in patients with severe respiratory failure. The ventilator used novel coronavirus pneumonia is invasive ventilator (sometimes called endotracheal intubation), which can directly input oxygen into the lungs of patients.

To overcome the difficulties, made in China is the global extreme production!

Apart from the ventilator imported from China, the rest depends on foreigners themselves!

General motors and ventilator maker VENTEC plan to produce 200000 ventilators and start delivering them by the end of April, according to Autoblog. Ford, in partnership with GE Healthcare, plans to produce 50000 ventilators in the next 100 days, with a monthly capacity of 30000. Ford plans to produce 1500 ventilators by the end of April, 12000 by the end of May and 50000 by July 4.

Davidson, a British home appliance maker, has designed a new ventilator called Covent, which is a portable ventilator fixed on the head of the bed, the BBC reported. Dyson has now received orders for 10000 ventilators from the UK government. A spokesman for the company said the ventilator would be ready in early April.

In addition, engineers and clinicians at University College London have worked with Mercedes Benz F1 to create a continuous positive airway pressure ventilation device (CPAP), which can deliver oxygen directly to patients lungs without a ventilator. At present, 40 sets of equipment have been sent to the Affiliated Hospital of University College London for testing. If the test is successful, it will be put into production in the next week, and the daily production capacity can reach 1000 sets.

Of course, having enough ventilators is not the only way to turn the tide. The medical staff who can operate the ventilator is also the top priority. Its also a technical job to operate the ventilator. If the medical staff want to get the qualification certificate, they also need a long qualification examination. During the epidemic period in China, the problem was solved by the help of all parties. For foreign countries, even if they can purchase enough ventilators, they can not train a group of qualified medical operators in a short period of time.

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