A total of 147065 newly confirmed cases in Germany

 A total of 147065 newly confirmed cases in Germany

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in Beijing. According to the daily mirror data in Germany, the data of the new daily pneumonia in the total area of the New Zealand crown were 147065 cases, and 1881 cases were increased in the previous day. The total number of deaths was 4862 in 7 cases, 276 cases were compared with the previous day, and 88 thousand cases were cured in April 21st, according to the real-time statistics of the daily mirror of Germany in April 21st.

German officials say group immunity is not suitable for fighting the new crown

China News Agency, Berlin, April 19 - on the eve of the reopening of shops under 800 square meters in Germany, Braun, Minister of the federal prime ministers office, said on April 19 that the high number of people infected by group immunization will crush the countrys medical system, so it is not suitable for Germany to fight against the new crown epidemic. Germanys current strategy is to slow down the spread of the virus before the emergence of vaccines.

The embassy refutes German citizens in the claim of German media list: tabloids do not represent Germany

Recently, some German media published poor reports on the new crown epidemic in China. My Embassy in Germany has voiced several times to express strong dissatisfaction and indignation. To denounce these practices will only deepen prejudice and incite hatred.

The most popular newspaper in Germany, Bild, accused China of failing to fulfill its obligation to inform the World Health Organization and falsely claimed that China is legally responsible for the economic consequences of the epidemic.