Xiaohongshu does not inform members that automatic fee deduction is alleged to be a unilateral contract trap

 Xiaohongshu does not inform members that automatic fee deduction is alleged to be a unilateral contract trap

Since xiaohongshu opened up the business of shopping mall, there have been many disputes. Before that, xiaohongshu mall had been criticized for selling forbidden drugs, sellers long-term non delivery and poor after-sales service.

Recently, a reporter from Securities Daily noted that some consumers have reported that the value-added business of xiaohongshu mall -- xiaohongcard has a series of problems, such as automatic renewal, hidden service terms and non refundability. One of the consumers said on the black cat complaint platform that xiaohongshu automatically renewed its membership fee of 199 yuan for one year without prior notice.

To this end, the reporter of Securities Daily interviewed the person in charge of xiaohongshu. The other side didnt reply to the situation of no prompt, but said: members automatic renewal rules and cancellation of renewal channels are placed in the most prominent position on the members opening page. Users can turn off renewals through two payment platforms, Alipay and WeChat. This method has clear path instructions in the Renewal Service Agreement.

But Zhao Ming, partner of Beijing Zhongtong law firm, said: according to the app, the statement of xiaohongshus membership rights and interests is hidden in the third level page, which is hard for consumers to find and cannot be called conspicuous. With regard to renewal upon expiration, the operator shall fulfill the obligation of reminding sufficiently before renewal in the new year. If the consumer agrees to renew the contract, there must be a tick. Otherwise, it violates the contractual spirit of the contract and unilaterally sets up a contract trap, which belongs to the situation of concealing important facts of the contract and violates the consumers right to know and their right to choose independently.

If I dont prompt, I wont notice the automatic renewal service terms at all, which is too deep, said the Securities Daily, who contacted the above-mentioned consumers who complained on the black cat complaint platform.

On April 8, Zhejiang consumer rights and Interests Protection Commission held an interview with nine video platforms and two audio platforms on issues such as automatic renewal and deduction without reminding.

At the interview site, Zhejiang consumer rights and Interests Protection Commission suggested that the relevant websites should cancel the default check; it is not allowed to guide consumers to select platform recommendation options through technical means, and realize the function of full display of single page for the selected items; when one button service is set, one button service cancellation is set. It is hoped that the website will remind consumers of the impending deduction in an effective way within 3 days before the expiration of the members automatic renewal, and the deduction can only be made with the consent of consumers.

On April 13 and April 14, two platforms successively submitted the rectification reply letter, in which they indicated that their default automatic renewal function had been cancelled.

But up to the press release, xiaohongshu has not yet made corresponding rectification on the automatic renewal without reminding and other issues.

Source: responsible editor of Securities Daily: Qiao JunJing, nbj11279