Memory of childhood: the death of the director of cat and mouse

 Memory of childhood: the death of the director of cat and mouse

Peter Himmel, his Czech publisher, told the media that Dai Qi died unexpectedly in his apartment in Prague on the evening of the 16th, but gave no more details.

Gene Decker

13 short films of cat and mouse for MGM

In his career, there are two well-known works - cat and mouse and Popeye. From 1960 to 1963, Decker and Rembrandt CO produced Popeye cartoons and 13 short films of cat and mouse for MGM.

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Born in Chicago on August 8, 1924, Daisy moved to Prague in 1959. He intended to live there for 10 days, but fell in love with his future wife, Zdenka, and then stayed in Prague.

In 1961, he won the Academy Award for best animated short film for the movie Munro, and in 1965, he was nominated for the same award for heres nudnik and how to avoid friendship.

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Before that, he also created the Tom terrific series, and his co production of Sidneys family tree won an Oscar nomination in 1959.

In 2004, he won the Winsor McCay Award for his lifelong contribution to animation.

After learning about his death, fans paid homage on the Internet and thanked him for his childhood.

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So many years of a cartoon, all the way!

Thank you for the memories of your works in my childhood!

Now Im in my twenties and Im still watching cats and mice. Lets go.

Cat and mouse is really a classic. Its great. Go all the way~

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Tom and Jerry love each other

If we want to take stock of the most classic animated images, Tom and Jerry in cat and mouse will be among them.

In the cartoon, Tom is a gray domestic short haired cat. He has been living a comfortable and even loved life. He is energetic, big and suspicious. Jerry is a little brown mouse, Toms neighbor, smart and smart. Tom and Jerry always love each other and kill each other. The story also revolves around the fight between them.

To the audiences amusement, most of their fights ended in Toms failure and Jerrys victory. However, although Tom has been chasing Jerry, he rarely tries to eat it. In most dramas, their daily pursuit is more like a routine of enjoying each other.

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Sometimes, there will be warm moments for the happy enemies, and in some cases, they can help each other, such as when there is a common enemy.

Tom and Jerry has a long history. It was used by young people in London in the 19th century. In 1939, MGM animators William Hannah and Joseph Barbera created the first animated short film sweet home with cat and mouse as the main characters. At that time, the names of cat and mouse were not Tom and Jerry, but Jasper and jinx. The animation also played the mode of cat and mouse chasing each other.

Stills of sweet home

But the next year, the series almost died, but later management was persuaded to continue production. The cat and mouse also got new names. Hannah and Barbera had a vote. Animator John Carrs Tom and Jerry won by a high vote.

Over the next 18 years, Hannah and Barbera produced more than 100 animated short films of cat and mouse. It wasnt until 1958, when MGM decided to close the animation department and the two were fired, that production of cat and mouse was suspended.

Screenshot: cats and mice directed by Daisy

Daisys cat and mouse

In 1961, MGM decided to restart cat and mouse, which was directed by gene Dutch. During this period, Decker wrote most of the animation scripts, occasionally asking others for help.

At first, Daisy didnt like cats and mice, saying they were unnecessary violence.. But when he started making it, he quickly realized that no one takes violence seriously and that its just a parody of human exaggeration..

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However, as the team is not a fan of the series, they have only seen a few original short films of cat and mouse, and their budget is also small, so after the final film comes out, many people think it is surrealism, although this is not what Deqi intended.

Compared with the previous short films, their animation effects are limited and their actions are not smooth. The background art is more simple, angular, with decorative art style.

Previous films were usually shot indoors and outdoors, while Daisys films chose more exotic locations, such as the 19th century whaling boat, the Nairobi jungle, the ancient Greek Acropolis or the wild west.

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However, Daisys cat and mouse has been a commercial success. In 1961, the cat and mouse series became the most popular animated short film at that time, replacing Bugs Bunny, which occupied the top 16 years, and lasted until 1962. Although some critics think Daisys short film is the worst in the cat and mouse series, many fans still write to Daisy, saying that his Tom and Jerry are their favorite.

What version of cat and mouse have you seen? What is the most impressive plot?

American animator David died at the age of 95. Directed cat and mouse. Source: China editor in charge: Han Chong, nbj11345