Li Jingjing made a statement on suspected cheating fans and failed to respond to the rumors of her husbands infidelity

 Li Jingjing made a statement on suspected cheating fans and failed to respond to the rumors of her husbands infidelity

Actor Li Jingjings modeling in the hit show golden wedding.

In April 2020, a netizen published an article exposing that Li Jingjing and her husband Liu Zhen of the post-90s cheated together. The source said: after Li Jingjing quit the entertainment circle, the couple transferred to the live broadcast platform, started a factory with others and created a brand. During the live broadcast, they called for joining in and charged a deposit ranging from 50000 to 200000 yuan. After the couple got the fee, they didnt deliver the money to the factory established by the partners, which resulted in that the factory didnt have the start-up capital and no products could be made, so there was no money French delivery to the following franchisees, because franchisees can not get goods to Li Jingjing to ask for return of the deposit.

In the early morning of April 17, Li Jingjing responded to the rumor that he took the money and didnt do anything, and then didnt return the money. She said she had never cheated anyone and that the money could not be returned because she had not checked the accounts. In addition, she also responded to the exposure of her husbands infidelity after the 90s. She said she trusted her husband Liu Zhen very much, and the girls outside were vain and made up.

Li Jingjing, 50, was known to the audience in 2006 for her role in the TV series golden wedding. Since then, she has successively appeared in TV works such as women in office and new son-in-law era. In the recent hit drama settling down, Li Jingjing also has a guest role. Previously, on November 12, 2019, Li Jingjing posted on her microblog that she would quit acting life. She wrote, from today, I will quit acting life that accompanies me for 34 years, concentrate on bringing children, and become the second career of my life. I have no regrets about acting career!

Relevant recommendations are exposed and the husband of the post-90s swindles Li Jingjing. Response: never cheated actor Li Jingjing, who was exposed to swindle fans of tens of millions of yuan. The husband of the post-90s is suspected of cheating. Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Han Chong, nbj11345