Newly diagnosed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in the United States rose to 778176 cases and 41575 cases died.

 Newly diagnosed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in the United States rose to 778176 cases and 41575 cases died.

The WHO director general warns that the worst is coming

Mr. tandesay said the new coronavirus was a very dangerous virus, taking advantage of differences between people, political parties and countries. He called for not to use the virus as an opportunity to fight each other or win political points. Its dangerous. Its like playing with fire. He warned that the worst is coming if there is no greater unity within and between countries.

Over 180000! A total of 181228 confirmed cases and 24114 deaths in Italy

According to Reuters, novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 2256 cases in Italy on 20 local time, totaling 181228 cases, the lowest data in more than a month, 454 new deaths and 24114 deaths.

4676 newly diagnosed 124743 deaths in the UK 16509

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed by 4676 new cases of crown pneumonia in Britain on the 20 day, 9 at the local time, and 124743 cases were confirmed in total, and 449 cases of new deaths were reported, and 16509 cases were cumulative deaths.

A total of 114657 newly confirmed cases of 2051 new crowns in France

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in France was confirmed on the night of April 20th, when the French health director Salomon said at the outbreak conference that night, 114657 cases of new crown pneumonia confirmed in France, 2051 new cases than the previous day. More than 20000 deaths were reported, reaching 20265, an increase of 547 compared with the previous day; a total of 12513 hospital deaths, an increase of 444 compared with the previous day; 7752 deaths in pension institutions and other social institutions, an increase of 103 compared with the previous day.

Russias new crown has more than 47000 cases of infection, Putin said the epidemic peak has not yet arrived

Moscow, April 20 (Xinhua) - Russian President Vladimir Putin held a video conference with experts on the situation of the new coronavirus epidemic. During the period, he said that Russia has generally succeeded in slowing down the spread of the epidemic, but the epidemic peak has not yet arrived.

Russias new coronavirus epidemic prevention and control headquarters 20 announced that in the past 24 hours, there have been 4268 new cases of Russias new coronavirus infection, with a total number of 47121 infected and 405 deaths.

1294 newly diagnosed novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Iran, 83505 cases were diagnosed.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Iran in 1294 of the past 24 hours, and 91 cases were newly diagnosed in Iran in the past 24 hours. As of noon, 83505 cases were diagnosed in Iran, of which 5209 cases died, 59273 cases were cured, 353012 cases were detected by nucleic acid, 3389 cases were available.

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