Good night. I want to take you home. Meet my parents

 Good night. I want to take you home. Meet my parents

I dont want to see the wind, I dont want to see fate, I want to see you, I want to take you home and meet my parents.

They are super nice. They can stew delicious fish and make crispy chicken.

In fact, I dont blame you. I know you work hard. You need to buy a house, a car and marry me in the future.

I just want to tell you that I will marry you.

If you have no money, I will marry; if you have no car, I will marry; if you have no house, I will marry.

Because, money will always be spent, the car can be replaced at any time, the house also has a term of ownership.

But you have only one.


I dont want to listen to others exaggeration and say how hard it will be after a hard time. If you are poor enough to beg one day, I will accompany you to beg along the street.

You say that the eldest uncle and mother give saliva, I say that the eldest uncle and mother give some food!

In this way, its romantic.

Modern people are scared by the hard times, because everyone around us is rich, I am not afraid, and I believe that as long as we work hard together, cars and houses are not a problem.

Big deal first buy a car, buy a small house, can install love on the line.

Dont worry, I dont choose, you know. If I can have a full meal every day, I will be satisfied.

As long as you are good to me.


Besides, its easy to do. You can marry me.

I still have a few thousand salaries and a few thousand manuscripts a month. Its no problem that I have a hot pot every three to five days to wash mutton.

What else are you flustered about? Im not afraid of a girl.

In that case, you will not marry me.

You love me, Ill be your fool. If you dont love me, Ill be your ex girlfriend.

I am 27 this year, you are 31 this year, a man should marry a woman. I will not force you, but you should be in a hurry.

Married, get a card, in addition to hinder you to make new women, do not delay you anything!

You said that men should be a little free, and I will not be in charge of you, as long as I remember to go home every night, not every day.

You see, I cant ask too much!

Then why, I dare to marry, you dare not marry?

My long hair has reached my waist, and my heart has been locked by you. What should I do? You can do it by yourself.

I still want to take you home and meet my parents.

But I will never be shameless, you give me love, I will give you my whole world.

Dont say that love is not limited to marriage. I like the sense of ceremony. I like to stamp the person I love and mark my exclusive logo.

Take your surname and name me. For the rest of my life, I will be your wife and you will be my husband.

So if you really love me, marry me.

Otherwise, we will parallel the world, never meet again, never stand in the way of a good youth. From then on, there is no need to see each other.

This is me, the principle of love, together not disrelish, break up not stick.