Whats the height difference between you and your husband? Whats your marriage like

 Whats the height difference between you and your husband? Whats your marriage like

Cousin is 190 in height. He is the tallest in our family. No one thought that he found a 155 object, and we saw the person. It has to be said that the height difference of 40 cm is quite eye-catching.

Cousin joked about his fiancee, saying that he might not be able to walk very well. Walking with him was always hung on his hand, and his short legs were not fast. He often felt like he was walking on the road with a small basket.

Speaking of the wind is not right, listening to Tucao, but actually in the dark, in the show of love, but make complaints about our old couple.

In the past, we used to pay attention to door-to-door, not only to family character, but also to height.

Put in now, although the height of this piece is also basic with fate, but the height difference between husband and wife, or have their own marriage performance. If you dont believe it, lets look down together.


The female friends around have their own best fantasy before looking for a mate. Generally speaking, I dont want to find a shorter one.

If you are willing to marry a shorter man, there must be something special about him so that you can follow him wholeheartedly.

Your marriage must be stronger.

This person is either good to you, or makes you feel reliable in career or character. In fact, men will also have some inferiority complex, and will weigh whether to marry a woman higher than themselves. You can confirm that you are married to each other, which also means that he is very approbated to you in his heart. This kind of approbation has defeated the careful thinking of self abasement.

My husband is shorter than myself. It doesnt matter what outsiders say. You have a happy life. Its more important than these useless rumors.

You and your husband are about the same height

Sometimes, women are willing to sacrifice in order to let the people they like have no psychological burden.

For example, in this poor height husband and wife, the wife is usually very considerate of her husband. Before like to wear high heels, and my husband will try to change into flat shoes.

Its not a big deal, but women always think about it.

In fact, the same is true for a man. He doesnt pay much attention to his height and his wifes height. His wife will wear high-heeled shoes if she likes them, and wont deprive her of their love for this reason.

Your marriage is more respectful.

Although there are occasional quarrels, most of the time, they are able to put themselves in each others shoes, willing to accommodate each other and not make each other uncomfortable. This kind of marriage is also enviable.


My husband is about 10 centimeters taller than you

Such height difference can be said to be the best match between men and women.

When hugging, you can just touch your chin; for example, when you want to kiss each other, you dont have to work hard. When taking photos, its the most photogenic; when taking an umbrella in rainy days, its just a man supporting a woman to steal a lazy one. Its a suitable height difference in any way.

Your marriage is also the most natural.

Each has his own temper, sometimes its easy to make a point of disagreements. When a woman jumps up, her momentum can also suppress the height of a man, so shes not afraid at all. Its easy to quarrel and reconcile. Before long, both of them can compromise with each other.

Wear a high-heeled shoes, a little higher can be shoulder to shoulder with her husband, perfect fight back that height gap. From the perspective of outsiders, the pictures you are together are also the most harmonious.


My husband is at least 20 centimeters tall

To the naked eye, once a man is 20 centimeters taller than a woman, or more. The whole picture will be a little bit like adults leading their children.

Your marriage should be the most romantic.

Often referred to as the most cute height difference, which is your kind. Two people stand together, the female side always gives people the sense of both depending on people, the male side appears to be very tall and powerful, it is very practical and safe to see.

Getting along with each other is the easiest way for you to amuse each other.

Its like my cousin. He often sits and quarrels with his wife because his wife says that every time you stand up and quarrel with me, I feel like I lose my momentum. He doesnt like to stand and fight, because its really sour to bow and fight.

Its interesting to listen to this quarrel. The parties themselves agree with each other quite well. They live an interesting life and have a closer relationship naturally.

In fact, the height difference between husband and wife is not the determinant of marital happiness. In marriage, if the other party is willing to pet you, love you and understand you, it doesnt matter how much the height difference is.

What we are looking for is not the one who is much taller than you, nor the one who is much shorter than you, but the one who can love you and accompany you for a lifetime.

Although marriage cant be judged by height difference, Im still curious. How much is the height difference between you and your husband? How many interesting things happened to your marriage?


In marriage, if the other party is willing to pet you, love you and understand you, it doesnt matter how much the height difference is.

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