There are two kinds of marriage, one is partnership, the other is the rest of life

 There are two kinds of marriage, one is partnership, the other is the rest of life

Marriage is long. In the decades, different families have different tragicomedes.

Some people say that marriage is too tormenting. When they are together every day, they can only talk when they quarrel. Besides, they are quiet and terrible.

Some people also say that marriage makes people feel down-to-earth. Its hard to avoid loneliness in ones life. Its a happy thing to be accompanied by someone.

It can be seen that a continuing marriage is often divided into two modes, one is partnership and the other is the rest of life.


Partner: go outside and pretend to be a husband and wife. Go home and be a roommate.

The marriage of partners, on the surface, still maintains what every couple should look like.

Love is shown in front of outsiders, and children are harmonious in front of them. But once the door is closed, it is another look immediately: you are you, I am me, and we have nothing to say.

Marriage may have brought short-term happiness to each other, but the years are long, and many things are slowly changed unconsciously. I dont know from which day on, there are less and less words that can be said between two people, but more and more quarrels.

I cant find the flash point on the other side any more. Im not interested in everything about him. Gradually, even the person in front of me becomes dispensable.

Close the door, the days play is over, and the husband wife relationship is over. Instead, the joint tenancy relationship is in place.

You play your, I play my, two people have already lost the desire to communicate.

Only when you look at each others eyes, will you make a snap and then quarrel like a storm. Besides, there is no communication.

Marriage with partners, no feelings, no communication, no soul, it is nothing more than putting two people together to share some economic pressure, and then you are you, I am me, and nothing more.


For the rest of our lives: we are like chopsticks. No one can do without them.

A real couple is going to spend the rest of their lives together.

Its not good to live together, but to become each others spiritual support and spiritual support.

There are always many things to say between two people. Its this kind of communication that makes the relationship between husband and wife more and more delicate and profound.

Sometimes they will share some of their recent experiences, laugh and make noise, and add a little fun to life.

Sometimes I will talk about my troubles to the other side, and I will be in a good mood after venting all the negative emotions.

Sometimes we will discuss some important matters seriously together, listen to each others ideas, and make a decision after careful consideration.

In short, since marriage brings us together, I cant live without you for the rest of my life. My happiness is shared with you, my sadness is shared by you, and my decision is discussed with you.

The relationship between us is like a pair of chopsticks. Only when husband and wife walk together side by side, hand in hand and heart in heart, can the family be complete and the marriage be happy.

A marriage, after all, is a long-term company. For the rest of your life, there are many things you have to do, but the most important thing is to always keep each others trust and tolerance.

Only in this way can two people open their hearts to each other and speak out what they have said in their hearts. They can share the good with the bad and share the bad with each other.

Thats what marriage should look like.

In the movie the greatest father in the world, there is a line: I thought the worst thing in the world was to die alone. Its not. The worst thing is to live with people who make you feel lonely.

Life is not long, but not short. We always want to find someone who can speak with us, to watch the rising sun and the setting sun, and spend spring, summer, autumn and winter together.

May your marriage not be easy.