People who dont like to change wechat avatars usually have these kinds of personalities. Do you have them?

 People who dont like to change wechat avatars usually have these kinds of personalities. Do you have them?

In fact, what kind of character a person has can be seen through wechat avatar.


Long and single

If you get along with people for a long time, you will have feelings; if you use wechat avatars for a long time, you will also have attachment.

I havent changed my wechat avatar for a long time because I used a lot of my own thoughts and meanings when I chose it.

Maybe it will remind you of a city where you have stayed;

Maybe it will remind you of the people or things you have ever wanted to have

In a word, this wechat avatar must carry a lot of unforgettable memories and feelings.

There is only one attitude towards feelings in my heart: prefer to live for a lifetime, not for a while.

Of course, after being hurt, he will be sad, but he will not regret meeting and meeting those who left.

Once happy and moved are real, he will be grateful, but also sincerely wish you all well in the future.

As Liang Shiqiu said: you go, I will not send you, you come, no matter how heavy the wind and rain, I will go to pick you up.

No matter how time goes, how time changes, he will treat you as before.


Pay attention to personal privacy

Xiaonans wechat avatar, changed from Hu Ge to Xu Guanghan, guessed that she must be in hot pursuit of drama recently;

The wechat avatar of July 7 changed from a beautiful self portrait to a professional photo with company and contact information, knowing that she had changed her job.

Although its just a small wechat avatar, its hiding a lot of personal information.

If you dont pay attention to it, you will be able to show your recent living conditions and reveal a lot of your personal privacy.

And a person who doesnt like to change wechat avatars often knows better how to protect his privacy.

He didnt want to pry into other peoples details of life, and hoped that his privacy would be respected.

The function of wechat has long been not only a tool for friends to contact feelings, but also a work circle and social circle.

The crowd is complex and complex, the true and false friendship, it is inevitable that there is a time when people cant tell whether they are false or false to you.

Network communication, a person who knows how to pay attention to personal privacy, can protect his real self well, and then leave it to the most precious people to understand.


Emotional stability

Although life pressure is full of every adult, everyone has the right to vent their emotions.

But a person who doesnt like to change wechat avatars often knows how to control their emotions better.

He will be good at finding the cause of emotion, and try to solve it, so that he is always in the active position, to avoid things out of his control.

As the saying goes: mood decides mood, mood decides mood, mood decides life.

Emotional stability can not only make you happy, but also make your life calm.

Its easier to get along with such a person. You dont have to worry about saying the wrong thing and making the other party unhappy. You dont have to worry about disturbing your good mood because of the other partys mood change.

Perhaps in many peoples eyes, he is always calm, not easy to be aware of the inner joys and sorrows.

But if you get to know each other, you will feel safe because you have such a friend.


Inner clarity

There is a kind of person who can express his happiness, anger, sorrow and joy by changing his head image. He wishes every mood could be shared with the whole world.

Because he knows that a person with a real inner abundance doesnt need to rely on other peoples attention to get love.

By changing the head portrait to attract other peoples attention, what we get is only a short beam of light from the other side, and at last, its nothing but flashy.

He has his own comfortable circle and like-minded friends. Wechat avatars are not a way to flatter or seduce others.

He knows that the meaning of life is always life itself. He will not be bound by external things, but will choose to be loyal to his inner feelings.

Only when you know the importance of your life can you have a real and pure life.

Theres a saying thats good: I dont know the whole picture, so I wont comment.

Although we can understand a persons character through wechat avatar, everyone is a different individual and has their own flash point.

If you want to get to know someone in depth, spend more time and time with each other.

I hope that in the process of getting along and understanding, you and I can harvest a friendship that even years apart.