Hong Kongs first brother of the police received a bomb parcel: it can blow up people within 1 meter

 Hong Kongs first brother of the police received a bomb parcel: it can blow up people within 1 meter

Hong Kong police headquarters in Wanchai received a package in the morning addressed to Commissioner of police Deng Bingqiang, Oriental Daily reported Tuesday. The police officer in charge of dispatching the mail smelt the smell of inflammables. When unpacking, the package suddenly smoked. There were pen cell batteries and wires inside. Different from the suspicious powder threatening letters received in the past, this time it was a professional device, and the cover of the mail was written in English. The officers of the explosive handling section of the police were on the alert. It was preliminarily confirmed that the explosive device was self-made. No one was injured in the incident. The case has been submitted to the criminal Department of Hong Kong Island headquarters for follow-up. This is the second time in a month that the police chief has received suspicious items, the report said, after the police headquarters had received suspicious white powder.

Ma Weide, senior bomb handling director of the Hong Kong police force, further revealed at a meeting with the media on the afternoon of the 20th that the explosives involved in the case are targeted, which can blow up the receiver and people within 3 feet (about 0.91 m) in a short distance, and are commonly used devices by international terrorists in recent years. The police are investigating whether the internal ingredients are related to the past cases of explosives. Wu Yingshi, senior police chief at the criminal headquarters of Hong Kong Island headquarters, said that the explosive device was designed and sent out with the intention of injuring the receiver. Because the explosive device is generally unstable, there may be an explosion in transit, hurting innocent people. The Police strongly condemned this extremely irresponsible, ignoring others and even openly challenging the law enforcement agencies. Wu stressed that the illegal and malicious use of explosives is a serious offence and can be sentenced to life imprisonment on conviction. Xingdao Daily said that the police headquarters was calm on the 20th and did not see a special increase in vigilance.

According to Hong Kong media reports, the Hong Kong Communications Authority announced Tuesday that it had considered two complaints involving broadcasters violation of the television programme code and the television advertising code. One of the cases concerns the TV program left and right red, blue and green broadcast by Hong Kong radio last November. The communication bureau believed that the program incited hatred of the police, slandered the police are more terrible than Isis, distorted the facts, and decided to issue a serious warning to RTHK. According to commentator Chen Yunsheng, in the past few years, RTHKs programs have been deviating from the facts, making a splash and being vulgar. The Bureau issued only serious warnings, which failed to reflect the seriousness of the incident. It urged RTHK to suspend or demote the production team of the programs involved.

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