Female nurse helps Hubei go home for 67 days and opens the door to stunned netizens

 Female nurse helps Hubei go home for 67 days and opens the door to stunned netizens

Yan Lihui, one of the members of Hangzhou medical aid team,

Less than a day after returning home,

A circle of friends

Large wife not at home for two months scene,

Many little friends came to watch,

Yan Lihui said in a funny and angry way,

See the home is not like this!

Now in retrospect,

Its all hidden.

On the afternoon of the 15th,

Yan Lihui, 67 days away from home

Finally, we ended the isolation and recuperation,

Go home.

What surprised her even more was that,

The moment I entered the house,

What she saw was a clean living room with a floor that was bright to the light.

A clean living room

u25b2 bright to the living room floor

The windows of the balcony are open and airing,

The warm spring wind blows in,

Yan Lihui said to her husband, Mr. Zhang,

Thank you for his time away from home,

Clean up the house so well.

Excuse me, Mr. Zhang

He received his wifes praise,

While his wife was sitting in the living room,

Get ready to go out for dinner in the evening.

What makes Yan Lihui more happy is that,


Mr. Zhang also took out his own cake,

As a gift for my wife to go home.

Because she was tired after dinner on the 15th night, Yan Lihui just sat in the living room for a moment and went back to the room to have a rest.

On the morning of the 16th, Yan Lihui was going to tidy up some thin clothes and take them to her mother-in-laws house.

After opening the room where her mother-in-law lived before, Yan Lihui was shocked by the scene in front of her.

I didnt expect that all the coats, sweaters, home clothes and many other sundries I wore were left on the bed or on the floor of my room.

Yan Lihui recalled that in Wuhan, every time her husband cleaned, she would ask for praise with her video.

Yan Lihui walked into the kitchen again, and there was a bigger surprise

Its not just rotten fruit,

I also saw the sweet potatoes that were thrown into the refrigerator before they were cleaned. The whole refrigerator shelf was covered with mud.

The plants at home have changed a lot. Yan Lihui said that in Wuhan and her husbands videos, she always reminds him to remember to water. Although Mr. Zhang readily agreed, but looking at this trend, it is conservatively estimated that he may not have watered for two weeks, and many green plants are crispy.

The other rooms in the family should have not been cleaned very much, and some places have accumulated dust.

It is gratifying that with her tenacious vitality

The fish I caught with my daughter before is still alive!

My colleagues said that I lived in fairy tales yesterday and in reality today. No wonder he went to work quietly this morning!

Her experience attracted the attention of netizens all over the country:

Its too realistic! Theres a feeling of heart to heart

Hot comments from netizens:

@Dark superior BOLUO: same style! Suddenly there was a real feeling of heart to heart with wives all over the world

@Xiaobao: the same husband in the same world

@A word cant be changed into wheat awn and needle point: such a man should be cured with tears in his own eyes

@Go with the flow: This is the standard version of husband. After all, there are a few high-end models

Lazy man, in fact, is spoiled by his wife

Hot comments from netizens:

@Xiaoxiao Lluvia:

I really think there are some lazy men who are spoiled by their wives. I cant blame them all for this

This is what our family is like. My mother complains that my father doesnt do any housework, but once my father does something, my mother feels sorry again and asks him to have a rest

A normal person, someone helps you to work, let you go to rest, who is not willing? Its a matter of course

@Go away quickly: some men cant take care of their own life after they get married. They dont do any housework. They quarrel every time they ask them to do something. They cant do anything well. They cant earn a few money at work. Thousands of a month is not enough for them to spend. I spend my own pre marriage savings. I dont take my children with me. I dont do housework. When I go home from work, I play computer games and mobile games When colleagues open up for fun, I have to reflect on what I married. God

There are also netizens who are really envious of netizens comments: @ miwoo cat: I have never cleaned or cooked, and I float by silently. The old aunt who has been married for more than 10 years thinks that there is a universal creature called husband in the world

@Afterknowledge and afterthought: the man who can clean up his family is a single dog

Another netizen said: my family is just the opposite

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