Han netizens petitioned qinghuatai to deprive the judge of room n incident

 Han netizens petitioned qinghuatai to deprive the judge of room n incident

The petitioner pointed out that judge Wu Dezhi has a precedent of national anger because of the verdict of the late sukhola shooting incident, and in addition, because of his judgment of tolerance for sexual offenders beyond the necessary scope, he has been criticized by womens groups and netizens. At a time when the international search network is pursuing the perpetrators of room n, the leaders and participants of room n can be punished as they should be.

On August 29 last year, judge Wu Dezhi sentenced sukholas ex boyfriend Cui to one year and six months in prison with a three-year reprieve. Cui was suspected of being injured in a dispute with Ju in September 2018 and threatened to distribute sexual videos.. The content of the video is very important, judge Wu said, confirming the content separately. Even if its private, its hard to accept that the video will be watched again, said Mr. juhoras lawyer at the time. This is a second attack. He also recorded in the judgment the specific places and times of sexual relations between sukhola and his ex boyfriend.

Last August, he acquitted a former Chosun Daily reporter charged with sexual harassment of the late Zhang Ziyan. The reason for his acquittal is that if there is sexual harassment in the birthday party, the birthday party will be interrupted, but the female community believes that relevant parties are places for forced indecency in the name of sexual entertainment, which strongly refutes judge Wus judgment. In November, he sentenced Li Mou, a photographer accused of illegally shooting, to 10 months in prison with a two-year reprieve. From November 2015 to August 2017, Li has photographed the skirts of female wedding guests 41 times.

Relevant recommendation: the owner of room n admits to exposing Zhu Zhenmos chat record, which is vulgar and uncouth. The suspect is investigated by the prosecution. There is no lawyer to defend him. The victim of room n talks about Zhao Zhubin. I hope he will die in prison. Source: Netease Entertainment responsibility editor: Han Chong ufe63 nbj11345