Cannes Film Festival: no more finalists announced on April 16

 Cannes Film Festival: no more finalists announced on April 16

Postponement is possible. Lets repeat, maybe, its possible, is the first answer in the Q & a session. It added that the festival plays an important role in the world film economy.. When considering the decision to cancel the May event, all stakeholders in the industry have asked us not to give up this years event.

But at the same time, the festival acknowledged that rescheduling was unrealistic given the continued impact of the coronavirus in Europe and around the world, which was a way of looking at the situation.. If possible, we are working to postpone the event, the company said If not, we will accept it.

It was also mentioned in the Q & A that festival staff are currently working from home, including programmers who show submitted films. The film registration deadline will be extended by one month or more, at least until the end of May, while the certification deadline will be extended by about one and a half months.

The lineup, which was due to be announced at a press conference in Paris on April 16, will not be announced on that day. If the festival is rescheduled, the programme will be announced one month before the festival.

Its the first time in history that Spike Lee, chairman of the jury for the extension of Cannes Film Festival, agreed very much! Cannes Film Festival postponed or postponed to the end of June to the beginning of July