5g new infrastructure will usher in a ten-year construction period. Five years will drive investment to exceed 3.5 trillion yuan

 5g new infrastructure will usher in a ten-year construction period. Five years will drive investment to exceed 3.5 trillion yuan

Gu Qiang, President of Huaxia happiness Industry Research Institute, told reporters that 5g industry has many links. At present, the driving force is mainly the investment of network equipment on the wireless side and the transmission side. 5g basic network construction mainly involves the research and development of communication network equipment such as base station and core network, as well as network construction deployment, operation and maintenance, design and optimization, etc. there is a huge 5g demand market in 5g terminal, transportation, energy, medical, urban and other industries, which can bring new incremental space for 5g base station, antenna and other network construction. It is estimated that by 2030, the total economic output directly driven by 5g business in China will be 10.6 trillion yuan, and the total indirect economic output will be 24.8 trillion yuan. Gu Qiang said.

According to the investment increment of 5g subdivisions, the fastest increment is small base station, fiber optic cable, core network equipment, base station antenna, filter, PCB, etc. Gu Qiang believes that these fields will bring more than trillion yuan of incremental investment. From the perspective of 5gs investment plan, 2020-2022 is the three-year period for the construction of transmission part, and the construction period of wireless part is about five years, so the investment and construction period of 5g industry can be extended to 2030.

For the new information infrastructure represented by 5g, Ren Zeping believes that a new round of infrastructure construction, such as 5g, should be accelerated by means of reform and innovation, especially by further liberalizing market access in the field of infrastructure investment, expanding channels and eliminating restrictions for private enterprises to participate in infrastructure investment. Ren Zeping suggested that the negative list of market access should be implemented in an all-round way. For all industries and fields beyond the list, all market players should be given the opportunity to participate fairly, so as to truly achieve non prohibited entry and equal competition.

Because most of the new information infrastructure belongs to the new technology and new industry, it needs supporting policies such as finance, industry and so on, which are different from the old infrastructure. Ren Zeping said: in addition to the additional deduction of R & D expenditure in terms of financial policies, and the low tax rate of high-tech enterprises, we should also provide low interest financing, special loans, multi-level capital market, M & A, IPO, debt issuance and other aspects Give support to 5g industry chain enterprises, join forces of industry, University and research and resources of industry chain, guide deep integration of capital chain, talent chain and innovation chain, improve innovation network and cultivate 5g innovation ecology.

Under the wave of digital economy, 5g, as an information superhighway, provides a high-speed transmission channel for huge amount of data and information, and complements the short boards that restrict the information transmission, connection scale and communication quality of artificial intelligence, big data and industrial Internet. Chinas three major operators have officially launched 5g commercial services in November 2019. With the development of Internet of things, 5g is gradually promoting the improvement of social production mode and the development of productivity.

Extended reading of 5g mobile phone with standard configuration is easy to be innovated, not easy to be innovated, 5g new infrastructure will be built in ten years, five years will drive the investment of more than 3.5 trillion yuan, 5g life starts from Jingdong. Source: responsible editor of Securities Daily: Li Yigou nbjs9851