Microblog: spam marketing and other information with hot search words will be banned

 Microblog: spam marketing and other information with hot search words will be banned

In order to effectively crack down on the behavior of hot search and promote the sound development of hot search ecological environment, the station now clearly publicizes the main performance and punishment rules of hot search:

1. Publishing hot search words with hot search words is not related to hot search itself: that is, mechanically copying and forcibly associating, taking hot search words as a part of microblog content; adding multiple hot search words that are not related to each other in the body of microblog.

2. With hot search words to release garbage marketing, involving yellow vulgar, film and television resources, illegal gambling and other information.

In response to the above behaviors, the station will take punishment measures such as search not included, prohibition until seal number according to the relevant provisions of microblog community convention, microblog complaint operation rules, etc., depending on the severity of account violation, and regularly issue relevant disposal announcements.

This disposal action aims to improve the hot search reading experience of microblog users. By establishing a regular inspection and disposal mechanism, we can ensure that the truly valuable views and content can be fully exposed and interacted, and then improve the overall content quality of the hot search list.

Here, the station also welcomes users to actively complain about such situations and build a healthy hot search ecosystem with the platform.

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