Huawei Developers Conference held to focus on the layout of Kunpeng + shengteng industrial chain

 Huawei Developers Conference held to focus on the layout of Kunpeng + shengteng industrial chain

Specifically, the main line of Kunpeng + shengteng is actually Huaweis layout in general computing business and AI computing business. In the field of general computing, Huawei has invested in Kunpeng series to build a competitive general computing processor and build Kunpeng industrial ecological base with local governments and partners. In the field of AI computing, Huawei has released the upgrade processor and the AI computing framework mindsport for AI training, marking the landing of Huaweis full stack and full scene AI solution.

Kunpeng + shengteng aims at a broad computing industry market. According to Gartner, by 2023, the size of the global computing industry will exceed US $2 trillion, while in China it will exceed RMB 1.1 trillion.

For this reason, Huawei last year proposed to build a one cloud, two wings, two engines computing industry layout. One cloud refers to Huawei cloud, which provides a safe and reliable hybrid cloud through full stack innovation to provide inclusive computing power for the world; two wings refers to Huaweis intelligent computing business and intelligent data and storage business; two engines refers to Huaweis construction of heterogeneous computing architecture around two basic chip families built by Kunpeng and shengteng.

In terms of Kunpeng ecology, Huawei attracts partners through open hardware and open software. Hardware manufacturers develop their own brand products and solutions based on the open mainboard, software manufacturers develop application software and services based on the open OS of UOS and openeuler, as well as supporting platform software such as database and middleware.

Source: white paper on the development of Kunpeng computing industry

According to the white paper on the development of Kunpeng computing industry jointly issued by Huawei, green computing industry alliance, China Institute of electronic technology standardization, amour Technology (China), IDC and industry partners, by the end of 2019, Kunpeng computing industry had more than 150 manufacturers participating, involving many listed companies, including UFIDA network, Jiadu technology, Jinshan office, Zhiyuan mutual Union, radio and television express, etc.

Industrial Securities pointed out in the research report that the listed companies involved in Kunpeng computing industry include Chengmai technology and China software (operating system), Jinshan Office (office software), Eastcom and baolande (Middleware), digital China, Donghua software and Changshan Beiming (complete machine), and yihualu (storage).

Shengteng computing industry is mainly in the field of AI, involving scenes such as finance, automatic driving, intelligent manufacturing, etc. According to Societe Generale Securities, iFLYTEK (AI algorithm), Zhongke Shuguang (AI computing power), Zhongke Chuangda and qianfang Technology (AI + automobile), Hengsheng electronics and tonghuashun (AI + Finance) are expected to become ecological partners of the rising computing industry.

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