White House Trade Advisor: youre wasting your time

 White House Trade Advisor: youre wasting your time

On March 26, white house trade consultant Peter Navarro did not face the hosts questions directly on CNN, and talked about how the trump Administration tried to fight the epidemic. He repeatedly accused the Chinese and Obama administrations, which provoked host Brianna Keilar to denounce it as a waste of time for many times.

Finally, when Navarro accused China again, Keira didnt give him the chance to go on and ended the interview directly.

Navarro and Brianna Keira

Due to the surge in the number of infections, there is a shortage of medical supplies in the United States. On the 26th program, Keira connects Navarro and questions whether the federal government has done more to coordinate supply and emergency production.

Navarro first said that his department is trying to coordinate and mobilize enterprises around the world to help states get medical supplies. When Keira tried to interrupt and question, Navarro asked her not to make the crisis sensational because it would cause more anxiety and panic and make our work harder..

Im not sensationalist, Im just telling the truth. Keira countered that she pointed out that the governors lacked the support of the federal government and were isolated from the distribution and coordination of materials and could not get the medical materials they needed.

Later, Navarro began to plead for trump, aiming guns at China. He first claimed that China had not informed the United States earlier, which has left the world six weeks behind, so we are solving these problems every day...

Keira interrupted: but to be honest, the government is obviously unprepared for this. You know how terrible these viruses are. Theyre breaking out. When the government rehearsed in the summer, it knew that if this happened, there would be problems Thats why we came to you to talk about supply.

Taking ventilator as an example, she said that the U.S. has about 200000 units in stock, but experts say it may be 1 million units, can you meet this requirement?

Navarro began to turn up the old calendar: let me introduce you to the history of Biden (then vice president of the United States) and the Obama administrations response to the H1N1 flu crisis in 2009...

Peter, why do you waste your time here instead of solving your problems? Why are you talking about this? Keira asked before he finished. Im asking you, can you get a million ventilators?

Navarro still didnt face up to the problem, but said that he was providing the Americans with the materials they need at the fastest speed. Dont say we are not prepared enough for this, we have inherited a set of seriously inadequate reserve system, and many people in the last two governments have issued warnings... he added

Youre wasting everyones time, Peter. Why talk about this? Now that its 2020, the president is elected in 2016. Can you get a million ventilators? Keira interrupted again.

This time, Navarro said the figure goes far beyond what we need. They are increasing production and getting the ventilator they need as soon as possible.

After a few minutes of talking with each other, Navarro once again left the pot to China, describing how the government tried, claiming that the United States was because of China, which led to a very bad situation.

Peter, its just a waste of time to say that, Keira accused Navarro for the third time.

Why is this a waste of time? Navarro asked.

We dont have time. Its ridiculous. Keira didnt give him the chance to go on, ending the interview.

As an important figure of the Trump administration, Navarro has been avoiding Kaylas questions in the 15 minute interview. This also lets American netizens make complaints about it: Kayla has hosted a master class to teach everyone how to prevent an interviewee from evading questions.

Navarro is lying, the supply problem is a disaster, leading to more deaths. Dont talk nonsense.

Navarro: can I speak? Kayla: can you answer that? The interviewers job is to get the answers to the questions, not to make the interviewees ramble and procrastinate.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia has reached 85486 in the evening of 9 p.m. Eastern time, and has become the most confirmed country in the world, according to real-time data from Johns Hopkins University. At the end of March 26th,

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