About 200 French troops evacuated from Iraq due to the epidemic

 About 200 French troops evacuated from Iraq due to the epidemic

In coordination with the Iraqi government, especially in view of the current health crisis, the international coalition decided to adjust the deployment of personnel in Iraq and suspend training activities for Iraqi security forces, the French chief of general staff said in a statement on the evening of the 25th About 200 French troops are now based in Iraq, training and mentoring or working at coalition headquarters in Baghdad.

Iraqi military spokesman Abdul Karim haraf told the Iraqi news agency the same day that the Iraqi government agreed to the French withdrawal, and the U.S. - led international coalition forces have left the region near the Syrian border.

According to the German news agency, the withdrawal time announced by the two sides is slightly different. France said the withdrawal began on the 26th, while Iraq said the army had left.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was announced shortly after the French army announced its withdrawal from Iraq. Emmanuel Mucklow announced that he would use military force to assist the medical and health system in coping with the new crown pneumonia epidemic. A novel coronavirus pneumonia is being shipped to the carrier by a military aircraft and a carrier in the Mediterranean waters, The Associated Press reported. French troops are also building a field hospital in the eastern city of miluth, where the outbreak is severe.

Agence France-Presse reported that novel coronavirus pneumonia was released in the international coalition forces and other units during the Iraqi militarys early training campaign. The British Ministry of defence has previously announced the withdrawal of some of its troops.

The French promised to continue to participate in the League of nations and eliminate the remnants of the Islamic state, to retain their navy in the eastern Mediterranean, and to provide air support through a base in Qatar. Frances main overseas military deployment is aimed at extremist organizations in the Sahel region of West Africa, with the number of troops recently increased from 4000 to 5100. (Ocean) [Xinhua News Agency micro feature

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