Roosevelt returned to Guam to detect the outbreak, but there was no carrier available in West Pacific

 Roosevelt returned to Guam to detect the outbreak, but there was no carrier available in West Pacific

According to US media, at present, 25 sailors on the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt have been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus.

Roosevelt is the only carrier on duty in the West Pacific, which means that the U.S. military has another unscheduled carrier window period in East Asia.

Data chart: aircraft carrier Roosevelt, March 26, Roosevelt in the Philippine Sea source: Social Media

According to CNN on March 27, a U.S. Navy official confirmed that 25 sailors on the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt had been diagnosed with the new coronavirus. The Navy said there were about 5000 people on the carrier and they expect more of the crew to be positive. It is not clear where the sailors first got the virus.

Novel coronavirus was detected in March 26th by the US Navys acting director Modley on March 26th, according to the US Navys Navy times website, which was announced on March 27th. The US Navy has ordered the Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier to be transferred to Guam.

We have found a few more cases We will test all the crew on this ship.

However, Modley said that although the U.S. Navy ordered the aircraft carrier to return to Guam, Roosevelt still has combat effectiveness, but these sailors will not be allowed to leave the terminal after arriving in Guam.

Modry said the confirmed sailors who had been airlifted back to Guam were currently quarantined in Guam and still had only mild symptoms. The crew who were airlifted back to Guam from the ship was in good condition and no one was required to be hospitalized, he said. Their symptoms are just pain and sore throat, but they dont need to be hospitalized. They have been quarantined in Guam.

According to the Navy times, a deployed aircraft carrier in the United States has been forced to withdraw from the battle due to the new crown epidemic, which is the most remarkable measure in the battle conducted by the U.S. military so far to contain the spread of the virus.

Roosevelt is the only aircraft carrier of the U.S. Navy on duty in the Indo Pacific region. Roosevelt left San Diegos home port in January, headed for the Western Pacific Ocean, and arrived in the Asia Pacific region in mid February. On March 5, 15 days ago, the carrier visited Danang, Vietnam. On March 15, the 9th aircraft carrier strike brigade, mainly Theodore Roosevelt, conducted joint training with the amphibious attack ship USA.

This means that the U.S. Navy has another aircraft carrier window period after a month. Previously, due to the docking of Reagan, the U.S. Navy had a three-month aircraft carrier window period from November last year to January this year, and the U.S. aircraft carrier missed the leading election in Taiwan for the first time in 24 years.

In the previous weeks military review column, observers pointed out that this year is the year of strength for the U.S. Navy, which plans to maintain a 12-month no carrier absenteeism in the Indian Pacific region this year.

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